Monday, June 29, 2009

The Kid's Alright

One of our fellow writers here is having an important celebration this week. He's a great writer, a great person, and a great friend to all who know him.

Most of us look forward to his insights, wisdom, and fairness that stretch well beyond his years. His 'Speeding Bullets' column has become must reading for all discerning NASCAR fans at

As his profile says, Just call him Gonger. He's been writing his blogs here for a year now, and I'm proud of how far he's advanced with his writing. He's already surpassed most of us, including yours truly.

The big day? Oh yeah, Gonger is turning 16. That's a big one for anyone, especially a race fan.

This is one of the first big steps down the road of life, Gonger. There will be several more that are more important. Enjoy life as it comes to you. One day you'll look back and these carefree times will be the good old days. You have your whole life in front of you....don't grow up too fast.

Happy Birthday, brother!


  1. Happy Birthday, Gonger! When are you going to tell us what Gonger is all about? Stay focused, you'll be fine!

  2. Happy Birthday Gonger!! Enjoy what's left of your teen years!!

  3. As I said elsewhere, Happy Birthday
    I'll buy the next round (oh wait he's not legal)