Monday, June 22, 2009

View From The Flagstand

This week's 'View'----no, not that lame ass, estrogen deprived, dried up, hagfest onTV--- was kind of hazy out there in NoCal. The roadcourse with the grass disguised as brown dirt, kicked up huge clouds of dust each time one of the best drivers in the world left the asphalt.

After being bored into a coma by the Nationwide and Truck series races from Millwaukee on Saturday, at least the Sonoma race on Sunday wasn't pull the plug terrible. I used to hate the road races in NASCAR. But now they have taken the place of the short tracks as places where skill, finese, and a loud chrome horn are all required if you plan on winning at one.

Drop the flags.....

Checkered Flag....Kasey Kahne won his first Cup race in over a year, and held off some champion drivers to do it. The gang at Richard Petty Motorsports not only had the winner with Kahne, but also had AJ Allmendinger, and Elliott Sadler in the final top-ten.

Green Flags....Tony Stewart continues to amaze, and prove me wwwrrrrong, every week. This week, Smoke was strong all day and finished second to future teammate, Kahne. The Wonder from Down Under, Marcose Ambrose came from the back to the front, and came home third.

Yellow Flags.....None of the 'ringers' those road race aces, who were hired for just this race, finished higher than Patrick Carpentier's 11th. And for those who think that was something....Elliott Sadler finished 10th!

Red Flags.....Well less than a month into TNT's part of the TV schedule, and I'm sick of them already. Forget waterboarding, force POWs to listen to Bill Weber. Shudder. I know, that is just too inhumane. Kyle Petty also seems to have regressed this year. Him continuously telling us what he doesn't know has grown tiresome. Lary Mac, take a vacation! Please.

Up next week.... a truly forgetable and regretable event from New Hampshire.


  1. Cant agree with you more on the TNT coverage getting the red flag...Wally and Kyle used to be pretty entertaining together, not sure what happened.

    Like this format Gene!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Kristen. It looks like the FOX NASCAR crew is heading to Blogspot. lol.