Monday, October 31, 2011

View From The Flagstand: Stewart's Third Chase Win

The 2011 NASCAR Chase was interrupted on Sunday as Martinsville Speedway put on an old fashioned short track race. There was actual racing, passing, slamming, ramming, and multiple paybacks at the venerable half mile track. The gloves were dropped along with the green flag, as a total lack of respect accounted for the majority of the 18 caution flags.


Tony Stewart has won three of the seven Chase races this year, and is still 8 points behind points leader, Carl Edwards. Smoke led early then pit strategy shuffled him back, and he was almost lapped at one point. Pit work put him back up front late in the going; he then caught leader Jimmie Johnson napping and jumped by him on the outside with two laps to go.


Just finishing at Martinsville was an accomplishment as most of the cars looked like leftovers from a Mad Max movie. Jeff Burton (6th) and Dale Earnhardt Jr (7th) both came back from numerous wrecks to have good finishes. Casey Mears kept his nose clean and impressed with his 12th place run.


Brian Vickers was involved in 5 of the 18 cautions. This from a driver trying to secure a job for next year. After intentionally wrecking Jamie McMurry and Matt Kenseth (not at the same time), Bri can discount RFR and EGR from his list of potential employers. It looks like the Sheriff's Cup career has about three races left.


All the hoopla about Stewart fighting leader Denny Hamlin so hard mid-race to stay on the lead lap. Smoke stayed in front of Hamlin long enough for a caution to appear. The announcers made this out as a great feat. The real story is if Stewart had went that lap down, he would have received the free pass, pitted, and restarted in the same position (last car on the lead lap) as he did by staying on the lead lap.


The seeming lack of civility on Sunday. There was no give and take, it was all take. Kurt Busch was treated like a pinata by several drivers as they drove way over their heads. Jeff Gordon said after the race that he had never seen anything like it. Some contributing factors to the wreckfest include, many drivers looking for rides and/or sponsors, and, with this being the last short track of 2011, several guys saw it as their best chance to extract revenge on someone for any slights received earlier this year.


  1. Hey Gene!

    NASCAR needs to can this stuff!

    Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the 48 get passed and then held off AND on top of that Smoke then issued a warning to the Chase leader. Priceless!

    A battle of attrition! That's the NASCAR we all know and love!

    Now back to ho hum... Oh boy! We're gonna run in single file in the one and only track groove and then with 10 laps to go we're gonna find out who's gonna have the best fuel strategy... Yessireeeee, get out the cutters folks, we're gonna make Bruton Smith cookies!~ Ain't it great?

    Can't wait to see if Phoenix boils down to ho hum racing with the new surface.

    You still pullin' for Kenseth?

    Thanks Gene!

  2. Hey Dwind.... I did not enjoy the 48 getting passed as much as everyone else.... I had a trifecta perfecto hanging in the balance... thanks for screwing that up, Vickers! Oh well 4 wins in the last two trifectas for me.... that's downright Dwindyish. lol

    No, Kenseth is on my list now! He's point raced his entire career... so, Sunday at M'ville he decides to get racey.... at the end of the race... and take out Kyle?!?!? Stick to what you know, Matty.

  3. I hope Vickers was able to pull in his garage last night without wrecking. My gosh, he was horrible. His time has passed in the Cup series. He had plenty of chances with good teams and all he did was wreck the leaders to get his first win and stretch fuel mileage to win his last.

  4. Dang, annoyed I missed this race as it sounds like several drivers were driving over their heads...but I dont really want to watch a Smoke win. Is it worth to watch the replay??

    I am going thru withdrawals...I was a mess listening to MRN on the way to LAX! They wouldnt let me drive and listen! LOL

  5. JM... Vickers will be perfect in the truck series. Of course, he will have to bring a sponsor.

  6. Kris... It's definitely worth watching the replay... you can fast forward through the boring parts when Kyle was leading.

    Your two guys got into it on lap 7. Jr thought it was the last lap, divebombed Kurt, and bounced off the curb into Kurt, the first of many. lol

    Don't worry, it wasn't a Smoke show... he only led a Harvick-like 14 laps.

  7. Good to know...I've got it taping tomorrow AM!

    Maybe Jr was jealous of all the time Kurt gets to spend with me...yea, thats it!

    For the record I was rooting for Kenseth too...