Monday, October 3, 2011

View From The Flagstand: Kurtster Beats Monster

Kurt Busch jumped out front on a late restart and was never challenged as he motored to the win on Dover's Monster Mile. The third race of the 2011 Chase continued the proof that last year's exciting Chase races were a fluke wrapped in an anomaly, as, even without it being a fuel mileage snoozer, there was no sense of urgency among the Chasers.


How sweet it is! Busch had to enjoy beating his chief rival, Jimmie Johnson. Especially after hole shotting JJ on that last restart. Busch qualified second and the Penske Dodges have found some extra speed over the last couple of months.


Johnson led the most laps and went from 10th to 5th in the point standing on Sunday afternoon. Carl Edwards was third and is now tied for the points lead with Kevin Harvick. RPM drivers, AJ Allmendinger and Marcos Ambrose both had top-10 finishes.


Why did the track, and, or ESPN drag out the pre-race festivities when the sky was black with rain approaching? Are they now trying to time the green flag starts with the NFL halftimes?


Dale Earnhardt Jr (-34 points out of 1st) Ryan Newman (-41) and Denny Hamlin (-68). Thanks for playing The NASCAR Chase 2011! Among your parting gifts are our home version of The NASCAR Chase! and a year's supply (two cans) of Turtle Wax.


Will someone please tell ESPN that the Lucky Dog is virtually meaningless now. They talked about it, and Tony Stewart and Dale Jr's chances of getting it, for hours on Sunday. With the "wave around rule", the Lucky Dog position is not that crucial.


  1. Dwindy1 says:

    This and another snoozer right around the corner... KANSAS???? Wonder what kind of deal good 'ol Bruton put together to get this track in the Chase...

    Excuse me while I nod off...

    Congrats to Cursin' Kurt and his spin master, Ms. Valus! LOL!

    Thanks Gene...

  2. easy fix; watch Bathurst next weekend instead, LOL

    50% chance of rain for the weekend so that will make things even more hairy than normal around that place.

  3. Tez, is it on Speed Channel?? If it is, count me IN!

  4. Dwindy... Kansas Speedway is the closest track to Sprint Corporate HQ.

    Tez... I'm sure DW will do it justice. lol

    Jon... I think so.

  5. yep, it's on Speed....coverage should start around 4pm Saturday for us, Jon. I'm hoping that DW snags a ride around the track at some point in the week so he can comment on that rather than just playing some interviews from the V8 Supercar guys about it.

  6. Sorry so late to the party - still drinking my victory lane wine...I wish! LOL

    Good win for Kurtus, bad race overall. Why was racing so good this year and the Chase racing sucking so much? I blame Dwindy. ;)

  7. KLV... yeah, me too! Dwindy ruined the trifecta with his Goodyear tires! LOL

  8. It's what you guys get using those Hancook tyres!