Monday, November 7, 2011

Cool Down Lap for Kyle Busch

I was shocked when nascar parked Kyle Busch for the Nationwide and Sprint Cup series races in Texas on Saturday and Sunday for his actions in the Truck series race. After having a couple of days to think about it, I see that nascar did what needed to be done. Busch wasn't parked for intentionally wrecking Ron Hornaday during a caution period, he was parked for his total body of work in nascar for several years now.

This is Busch's seventh full year in the Cup series, and every year he is surrounded by controversy at some point, most years it's more than once. He is dead serious behind the wheel and hates to lose, especially when it's someone else's fault. He's had run ins with nascar officials, the police, team owners and other drivers. He's been on probation, been fined, and served penalty minutes in the pits during races.

We've heard all about the "new" Kyle, and his numerous "wake up calls", supposedly even a "come to Jesus" meeting with Joe Gibbs in the past couple of years. I hope this incident makes him realize that he has to work around lesser talents and you don't always get your own way. I also wish he would use this as an excuse to quit playing around in the lower tier series. He should focus on winning Cup races and titles, only.

Busch is a polarizing figure among fans. It's either love, or hate. There is no in between. The offensive comments from his haters on the internet this weekend are embarrassing. It is one thing to not like a driver for whatever reason, but the cursing, the wishing evil upon, the comparison to Mike Vick (by my own Aunt!) are ridiculous.

Speed TV and ESPN have over-saturated this story to death. I bet the Busch/Hornaday wreck has already been replayed on air more than any other piece of nascar footage. And, the dumbass polls by ESPN... Should Gibbs fire Kyle? Should M&Ms leave Kyle? More than half the fans responding say yes. What a shocker.... they would have said the same thing a week ago!


  1. Good post Gene.

    I have to agree after watching the looks at what has transpired over the last few seasons that the penalties rendered weren't knee jerk on NASCAR's part but due to how many instances have occurred where Kyle has struck out at authority. And, I know I've said this before; I hope this is finally a wake up call...

    Now it looks like the 18's prime Cup sponsor may be ready to pull the plug. Mars/M&M's has taken down almost all references to Kyle on their racing website. Not a good sign...

    We'll see how it turns out but it still appears to me to be a concerted effort by a certain group of people to take down the greatest current talent in NASCAR...

  2. Gene...

    Looks like I'm a victim of NASCAR's "I'm first" media with my comments about M&M's... Ran across the following article this AM on Twitter:

    I think it also points to a big problem generally in sports journalism and within the profession across all endeavors...

  3. Dwindy.... the guy that wrote that story is one of the more knowledgeable fellows on facebook. He was the lone voice of reason all weekend among all the knuckleheads there. He's not a Kyle fan, but he is always fair. Send him a friend request, Dennis Michelson.