Monday, September 26, 2011

View From The Flagstand: New Hampshire Smoke Storm

Two races into the Chase and Tony Stewart has won both on strategy. Sunday's Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire was the second snorer in a row. No wrecks, few cautions, no passing, and fuel mileage racing add up to sleepy time.


Stewart leads the points with eight races left in the season after his second win of the year. And, those wins couldn't have come at a better time than at the start of the Chase. Smoke did his Kevin Harvick imitation, as he led only the last two laps at NHMS.


Brad Keselowski is up to third in the point standings after his second place run. RFR had all four of their entrants finish in the top-8. Brian Vickers (5th) and Regan Smith (10th) had much needed good finishes.


NASCAR officials put Kurt Busch's Penske Dodge in a long time out after it didn't quite pass pre-race inspection. As the other 42 cars sat on the grid, the double deuce was held in the garage area to send a message to the Pennzoil team that their offset rear end won't be welcome at the remaining races on the schedule.


Denny Hamlin falls to 12th in the Chase, and is 66 points behind the leader. Stick. Fork. Here. It's time for the JGR #11 boys to begin testing for next year. Maybe use the next eight races to straighten out their engine program?


Trouble in paradise? Chad and Jimmie on the rocks? Jimmie Johnson seems to be feeling the heat, and is 10th in points now. That is the lowest he has ever been ranked in the Chase. Uh oh. Now, watch JJ roar at Dover this week.


  1. With regards to Brad- something tells me the Brew Crew pulled a fast one on Pat Tryson and sent him off to MWR with a fake Maltese Lug Nut :o). Maybe if Kristen is going to Phoenix, she can do a little investigating.

    As for JJ and Chad, loved that comment from JJ about Chad's cheerleading being annoying.

  2. Interesting fact (that may change with the new points system): Whoever leads the Chase after 2 races has never won the championship... Not bein mean Ms. SB, just factual... But who better than Tony to break a tradition like that?

    The Great Chase of 2011 isn't showing very well at all and especially when you consider the time of year and what NASCAR has to compete with on the tube.

    I don't expect to see JJ win at Dover either... Watch for Concrete Carl!

    Thanks Gene!

  3. I keep telling you that Loudon is the most boring track on the calender....I felt no shame at all in missing it on the weekend, lol

  4. Speedy.... Mikey is hiring anyone. He's created more jobs in two weeks than the Prez has in two years. lol

    Haha, Chad and JJ's honeymoon may be over. That snipe by JJ is how perfect unions begin to crumble.

  5. Dwindy.... I have Carl and JJ as my A drivers at Yahoo this week for Dover. The bottom 7 or 8 drivers in the Chase better step it up this week, if not, they'll be out of the running.

    All the Chase races were great last year. Looks like this year will even it back out.

  6. Tez... It is painfully boring! I would think that a flat, short track would be a little more competitive. No one could pass unless the guy in front pulled over to allow the pass.

    Loudon is about the same size as Iowa, yet Iowa seems to have much better racing. Maybe Rusty could redesign Loudon? lol

  7. Ouch! Yellow Flag for my boys...actually NASCAR sending them message because they are late thru inspection every week - never used to be but definitely noticed this more and more since Addington been on board. So when they need to make adjustments and they are last car thru NASCAR is sick of them being premier car making them late. Happened at Sonoma when I was there - they almost missed quals! I think my boys are gonna get a chewin'

    BORING! In fact NASCAR's little PR/marketing questionnaire this week was all about feelings about fuel mileage races...quick what the first work that comes to mind!?

    Nope SB - the Lug is not on the Blue Deuce but luck sure is...

  8. KLV.... Why are they always so late? Hmmm, trying to hide something? lol

    Other than BK's fuel win at Kansas, all mileage races are boring. Except for the last couple of laps as you wonder if the leader will make it.