Monday, October 18, 2010

View From The Flagstand

The View at Charlotte Motor Speedway Saturday night was clear and cold. In case you're late getting on board, the cold, hard fact is Jimmie Johnson has the title wrapped up with five races yet to go.


If NASCAR had a come-back driver of the year award, Jamie McMurray would have already clinched it months ago when he won at Indy. He scored his third win of 2010 Saturday night. It's nice to see a good guy winning some races. Would anyone be surprised if he gets another one before season's end?


He led the most laps on Friday and Saturday, in dominating fashion, but second place on Saturday was the best Kyle Busch could finish. Besides Kyle, JGR's other two drivers had top-10 runs, as Denny Hamlin was 4th and Joey Logano was 7th. All four RFR Fords had top-12 finishes, Greg Biffle (5), Matt Kenseth (6), David Ragan (10), and Carl Edwards (12). Regan Smith was was pretty racy, even drawing the #1 sign from Kyle, before bringing it home 13th.


Hendrick Motorsports has a flagship and three rowboats. Jeff Gordon won the pole, and had his fans all atwitter. Electrical problems doomed his Chase hopes. Mark Martin led a few laps but was never a factor. And Dale Jr was, Dale Jr. looks like Farmer Rick has all his eggs in one basket. It seems to be working very well, though. It may be time for some other multi-car teams to find their own Chosen One.


Kasey Kahne claimed to have no brakes (for the 2nd time in three races) when he wrecked coming off turn four. I'm no racecar driver, but do they really use the brakes exiting the turns? Anyhow, Kahne left the track with an upset tummy while his crew repaired his car. JJ Yeley took over and completed the race in Kahne's #9 RPM ride. Kahne was well enough the next morning to complete his 5k run for charity.


The Chase! It ain't working, NASCAR! BZF and the boys in Daytona figure that as long as people are talking about it, it must be good. Wrong! There's good heat, and there's bad heat.... this Chase is bad heat.


  1. Congratulations on SPINOUT'S 400th LIKE, none of my relatives this last one hundred.

    Stay home and don't turn on the TV for the next 5 races and see if they'll change the point system. Brian would probably just use it as a tax

    GO, JAMIE!!!

  2. Now that's a different poll... How did you dream that one up? (or maybe the word should be nightmare?)

    I'm tellin' ya, somebody's got to man up and accidently punt JJ early and often next week... Martinsville oughta be a good place to get 'er done!

    Kahne's got a natural trembling lip type of face... I'd be willing to wager he's a momma's boy. LOL We know you're a short-timer Kasey but c'mon man!

    Since I started watching NASCAR I've often wondered why the premier race in the sport is the first of the season. They even call it the "Superbowl of NASCAR". That's one change I'd like to see and I know it's sacrilege but why not swap Miami-Homestead with the Daytona 500 and have the premier event finish off the season? It would be the natural crescendo to the year AND the Chase...

    As far as the Chase is concerned I could rattle off several different scenarios but they won't be adopted... One would be to have certain events during the season count more than others to qualify drivers then put the qualifiers into a sprint race format prior to the regular race events. How about a 50 lap 12 qualifier race before the main event? That would put the fans on the edge of their seats! There are other ideas but...

    Thanks Gene!

  3. so you'd have no issues getting into a car that had had its brakes bodged considering they failed last week as well? Braver than me, I must say....

    and what about Jr replacing Kyle in the #5 a few years ago? That car was just wrecked, nothing dodgy about his brakes that day I don't believe.

  4. You all know I love Cupcake (almost as much as Bev!) but what is UP with that boy in VL?? Crying was a great and refreshing response but his lengthy and ODD explanation of why he cried was just well...ODD.

    Kasey wants out bad - cant say I blame him given the crap he has to drive week in and week out at this point. Tummy ache is as good excuse as any!

    I am SO hoping Kurt lays a bumper to JJ now that his Chase hopes are over...but he probably wont...but it would be fun!

  5. ATH.... I don't think changing the point system would make any difference. The best team would still win.

    Dwindy.... I could have added a few more announcers to the poll, but that would be one crowded

    I think NASCAR knows that the final race is usually anticlimactic, so they don't want their Super Bowl to be an afterthought by scheduling it for the last race.

    Send your ideas to NASCAR. Someone there may steal one and use it, then claim it was his...LOL

  6. Tez... Yeah, I wonder why KK started the race knowing that his car's brakes had already failed twice. I'm still wondering how he wrecked coming out of four, instead of going into three... if he had no brakes.

    Kyle should have hung around until the end of that race. Maybe he had a tummy
    Those nine laps that Jr got to drive that torn up piece of crap introduced him to what he would be driving for HMS in the near future.

  7. Kristen.... Crying after a tough win just shows how much it means to you.

    RPM is quite the dysfunctional family, starting last year with Sorenson driving for free. Then everyone bailing this year, AJ's tiff with the King at Daytona, and on and on.

    Oh, if Kurt does, he will have more fans than Jr!

  8. I missed 3/4 of the race, and it didn't bother me one bit! Wasn't even head-to-head with the NFL. Next race, may have more competition for my attention. Like, "Heidi" might be on Turner Classic Movies? cos (chuckle out softly)

    I like your poll. Has a certain Captain Barbosa quality!

  9. CR.... Looks as if all to be decided is who wants second? Denny or Happy? Neither one being a favorite of mine....Yawn.

  10. dang it, Gene, you nearly made me snort my coffee up my nose with that Kyle/Jr comment, LOL

  11. The answer to this week's poll question- none of the above. While fishing this morning, I managed to spear a highly poisonous blowfish. They all thought it was delicious. By dinner tonight, the problem is solved, and I still have the bullet :o).

  12. SB... that is hilarious! Creepy, but still hilarious!

  13. Next time I have a problem, I'm consulting SB for a solution!