Thursday, October 28, 2010

Right Sides Only

Halloween at Talladega. Are you kidding me? We are knee deep in the most exciting Chase ever, and now we hit the high banks for some 200 MPH trick-or-treating? Who will get the coveted full size Hershey bar, and who goes home with just a box of raisins?

Hendrick Motorsports finally announced Jeff Gordon's new primary sponsor for next year, AARP and it's Drive to end Hunger foundation. The three year deal includes Gordon being the spokesman for this charity to end hunger among the elderly. This is the first time a 'cause' has been on a Cup car for an entire season. Dupont also resigned for three years and will be the primary sponsor for 14 races each year.

While Hendrick had good news, the news at Richard Petty Motorsports is dire. Drivers jumping ship, no new sponsorships, and unpaid bills rule the day at RPM. They expect all four cars to race at Talladega, but that very well could be their last race.

NBC is developing "The Crew", a family drama about a race team. Don't hold your breath waiting on this project to ever see the light of day. Call central casting we need, the smart one, the gay one, the black one, the girl, the (alleged) funny one, the sensitive one, the oldtimer, the hothead, etc. Should we tell NBC to check the ratings, the NASCAR fad is so last decade.

Talladega Talk

Jamie McMurray will be driving the Dale Earnhardt Sr HOF Tribute Special. Didn't he go into the HOF last year?

Dale Earnhardt Jr will be in the Legend of Hallowdega #88. Some kind of Amp infomercial.

Of 82 past winners here, 18 of them qualified second. The most of any starting spot.

The last two qualifying sessions here have both been rained out.

Kyle Busch is back in the M&Ms Halloween Toyota, which means plenty of treats (plain or peanut) in Victory Lane.


  1. Whats up with AARP??? Gordon's getting up there but he's a few years shy of retirement... Yes?
    Personally, I won't have anything to do with that outfit (politics and using member's dues without permission to support ideals that run contrary to our Constitution. Sorry about the infomercial but AARP really chaps my hide!)

    You hear any more about EGR switching away from Chevrolet to Ford? Seems sacrilegious to me...

    If we had a trifecta this weekend I think I'd take cousin Carl... You hear me SB?

    Looks like Talladega ought to be clear and in the 70's this weekend. Doesn't look like rain. Should be great racing weather!

    Can JJ make it back into the top 5 again?

    Thanks Gene!

  2. Gene, Kyle will start off strong, then fade. I expect Happy to smile in Victory Lane like he did in the spring.

    Dwindy, I'd stay FAR away from an RFR car this weekend. They just don't do well at 'Dega, unless you're Jamie McMurray.

    I've heard the King may buy back his race team from the other partners. If he does, he'd be smart to cut it back to a two or maybe three car operation. He'd also be smart to have the Dinger (#43) and Ambrose (#9) as his drivers.

  3. D-One... yeah, AARP is like a union for older people. They use their dues to advance their political agenda.

    I wouldn't expect Carl to do much at Talladega, maybe Homestead.

    JJ winning on Halloween would not surprise me at all. He leaves the door open just a bit, lets them think he's lost his mojo.... then he slams it in their face.

  4. Jon... The plate winners go in cycles... the sun don't shine on the same dog every day. But JGR has been consistently a top-5 finisher on them for several years. Kyle and Denny were right there in the spring. If Kyle would help Denny they'd be hard to beat, but I doubt he will.

    Petty could probably get enough investors to buy the other 96% of RPM, but does he want to run a team at his age?

    They have been planning on just running AJ and Ambrose next year, for months now. Petty met with Toyota last week.
    They would go to any manufacturer that gives them the best deal.... not best chance to win, but best deal.

  5. Okay guys... The Carl pick was tongue in cheek for SB's benefit (Don't pick Carl SB)... Got it? My Cup picks aren't normally out of left field... In actuality, I think I'd pick _______... LOL

  6. Dwindy-

    We don't pick Carl for anything- ESPECIALLY Talladega. The duck voodoo works particularly well at 'Dega(must be the combination of voodoo and the track being built on top of an Indian burial ground). Remember Fall '07 when he took out the entire RFR team, and who could forget Spring of '08.

    Speaking of Carl- just in time for your Christmas giving, Carl is touting his own line of cologne. IT will be marketed by AVON.

  7. What's the cologne called? Flicka, Silver, or Applejack? Those are the only horse names I can think of right now.

  8. Oh boy! I'm already imagining a great-aunt, or second cousin buying me some of Carl's toilet water, because they'll think since I like NASCAR I'll like it. UGH!

    I think it could be called.... C Biscuit

  9. LOL.. toilet water... the age old name for cologne. Seems even more appropriate in this case! I thought of some classy race horses, but didn't feel like dishonoring them.