Monday, October 11, 2010

View From The Flagstand

This week's Smokey View shows us just who is racing for that coveted second place points finish this year. Several Chasers fell by the wayside in Fontana, while others rowed merrily along.


Tony Stewart roared back into contention for the CSPPF by coming on strong at the end, and winning the Pepsi Max 400. Smoke only picked up 20 points on The Chosen One, though.


Clint Bowyer was the first loser, and I'm sure his car was torn apart by NASCAR inspectors, again. Kasey Kahne (4), and Ryan Newman (5) were the best finishing non-Chasers. Mark Martin led the most laps before fading (team orders?) to 6th. Regan Smith used some late-race strategy to come home in 12th spot. Elliott Sadler started up front and finished a solid 13th. Birthday boy, Dale Earnhardt Jr, led 3 laps and wound up 16th.


Super team, Roush Fenway Racing had one car, of four entries, finish on the lead lap, Matt Kenseth in 30th. Kenseth led was strong, and led 29 laps before his engine began smoking with a few laps to go. Greg Biffle's Ford blew up early. Carl Edwards had mechanical problems early, and spent 15 laps in the garage. David Ragan either needs to listen to his spotter, or get a new spotter.


The persecution of the #33 team. After being caught cheating at Loudon, the 33 was NASCAR's "random" car chosen for extensive post-race inspection at the next two races! Then, Sunday, with a big lead late in the event, the mystery caution for "debris" flies! I think they got the message NASCAR.


Brian France just became a bigger embarrassment to NASCAR. I know, I didn't either. Jeremy Mayfield has crawled back out into public long enough to accuse Bri of phoning in orders to black flag him at the 2006 Brickyard 400. While that certainly seems far-fetched, how about the following NASCAR rule....

The NASCAR Substance Abuse Policy states that “[o]n the day of any NASCAR Event, a Competitor or Official who is participating in the Event is prohibited from consuming any alcohol prior to or during an Event or being under the influence of alcohol.”

Does anyone have any doubts that NASCAR's highest-ranking Supervisory Official has ever consumed alcohol on the day of a race?

Go to this site for some eye openers.....


  1. I see London, I see France, I see conspiracy theories!

    Don't look at me Gene... I didn't choose Kyle or Kurt but those boys sure got hurt yesterday.

    JJ's just smilin' all the way to the bank...

  2. *cough cough* hold on, I am still choking on Smoke...

    I dunno if you can catch ole Bri Bri on this rule Gene - read carefully - "a Competitor or Official who is participating in the Event" - Bri Bri is neither a competitor nor official he is merely the King Figurehead and thus free to imbibe and inhale freely.

    Clearly, I am still the host of the hex!

  3. Hmmm according to your link they are claiming Bri Bri is the supreme official...kinda like Megamind!

    Lisa Kennedy France needs to be Queen!

  4. Dwindy... Hex or not, the gloves are off now, LOL. I wanted to take JJ in the trifecta, but was going to let you jinx him. Evidently CR is playing to win.... so, now I am too. If that means taking JJ in every race, so be it. lol

  5. KLV... Yeah, BZF is the top name on the list of the 8 Supervisory Officials, and supposedly can make rulings via phone.

    Maybe they have a Breathalyzer hooked up to his phone... No drunk dialing! lol

  6. ****Edit****

    Just received word that the #33 was NOT chosen for additional post-race inspections this week.

  7. Is it me or is NASCAR beginning to look more like the WWE?

    Interesting that three of the Rosh/Fenway cars had mechanical problems.

    Good to see Smoke hold off JJ.

  8. Photo... are you implying that NASCAR had something to do with the RFR problems? LOL

    Each race is like a big wrestling Battle Royale... they already know in what order they're supposed to finish? Just like wrestling, they never have a surprise winner. Always a veteran star.

  9. I can see Brian reaching for the red phone whenever a non-chosen is leading with 3 laps to go... kind of like Ernst Stavro Blofeld, in his secret SPECTRE hideout. Except, I don't think Blofeld was an alcoholic. He did have a strong penchant for cats though! LOL

    You're absolutly right Gene. I'm playing to win! I almost let Dwindy talk me out of picking JJ. I was this ' close to picking Biffle instead. Now, that would not have been a wise choice!

  10. CR.... What was the last Bond film that Blofeld was in?

    No more Mr nice guy on the Trifecta! I may even have to change drivers two or three times before each race as others here have been wont to

  11. Gene, I don't recall which movie. But it was one of those crappy Roger Moore duds. Blofeld was dropped into a big smoke stack. Might have been one of those that was on the cover of Pink Floyd's "Animals" album?

    So you're gonna go Alice Cooper on us in Trifecta? Good luck! I think Kristen is just drafting, waiting for the time to blow all our doors off!

  12. Oh, I meant to add, that I have all the Ian Fleming, Signet paperbacks from the 60's. Read them when I was a kid. Plan on reading them again someday. Blofeld was really a minor charater in just a few of the novels. But you know how show business is. Take NASCAR for instance! lol

  13. CR.... Yeah, that's the same one I was thinking of. Scooped him and the cat up with a helicopter and dropped him down the stack. Man with the Golden Gun or Octopussy?

    Live and let Die was Moore's only watchable one... mainly because of Sheriff JW Pepper. It has not held up well, though.

  14. I think it was later. You know, one of those where Roger's liver spots were showing. :0

  15. he might be related to David Bowie distantly....the 'Z' is for Ziggy right? :P

  16. Gene, I'd have thrown a red flag on Roush Fenway. Biffle's #16 gave up the ghost early. Edwards had ignition issues. Ragan was running a very solid race until he remembered he IS David Ragan and caused a wreck that took out Kurt Busch's chances of catching JJ. Kenseth limped home in 30th, the last car on the lead lap.

  17. And Kenseth WAS RFR's BEST finisher with that 30th place finish!!

  18. Jon... I gave RFR the yellow. had to save the red for NASCAR picking on Bowyer.

    RFR's title shot is

  19. Nice wave Gene .....

    From the land of Nascar Hibernation (5 years) I only have one thing to say right now ....

    When will Wendell Scott be inducted into the Hall of Fame ?