Thursday, October 7, 2010

South Park goes NASCAR

Sometimes South Park is laugh out loud funny. Wednesday night's NASCAR episode was not one of those times. It had it moments, for sure. Anytime Cartman is on-screen for 20 of the show's 22 minutes there are bound to be some laughs. Sadly, even Eric couldn't overcome the writers' total lack of NASCAR knowledge.

When the show spoofed the WWE last year they actually goofed on the wrestling fans for watching a "play" in the ring. They equated wrestling with acting, and, in fact, acting was more desirable by the WWE owner, Vince McMahon. You could tell that the writers had some idea about the subject they were satirizing. No such luck with the NASCAR episode.

I will give the show credit for not taking the easy way out and goofing on the redneck fans ("they took our jobs!") again, instead they made Cartman the bad guy. Cartman spent the whole show lamenting over the fact that he was not "poor and stupid" enough to succeed in NASCAR. If he said that line once, he said it a hundred times.

The entire premise was to show that the drivers are not stupid. Indeed, only Cartman was stupid, and they had a press conference with some star drivers to prove it. Cartman became progressively more racists, stupid, and Southern as the show went on, and that was the funniest part.

Dale Jr was wearing a Bud uniform from three years ago. Danica Patrick got the most air time, and the most lines. I'd say it was a very lazily written episode, and not even Danica getting ran over could save it.


  1. I agree. There are some South Park episodes that make me laugh out loud. This was poor writing, although Vagisil is probably going to look into limited sponsorship in NASCAR as a result.

    I was hoping for a good one. Though I wasn't expecting anything on par with Imagination Land.

    Tony Stewart was quiet as a mouse!

  2. Gene probably would like to see Vagisil on the side of Danica's racers...

    I watched about two minutes of this, found out they were down on NASCAR fans BIG time and left it alone... Ever watch Terriers on FX Wednesdays at 10 PM? Very different... Very funny... Very strange... Check it out. Last night the two PI partners had a dead body in one's home along with his two doctorate from MIT sister who needs meds to stay balanced... The cops have an APB out for the dead dude and suspect they have him... Craxy diffferent!

  3. CR.... it was probably funnier for those who don't follow NASCAR. Cartman is one of my top five TV characters of all time. He would have been great in the Tony Stewart role. lol

  4. Dwindy... it picked up steam as it went along. I have seen two eps of Terriers. Quirky and off balance enough where it doesn't insult the viewer's intelligence... like a lot of cop and hospital shows do.

    My number one pet peeve on TV: I hate when a doctor or detective has to ask a stupid question just to move the story along, and let the dumber viewers know what's going on. Arrgghh! Kind of hard to suspend belief when a 20 year veteran is asking the coroner something that he should have learned his first day on the job!

  5. All the reasons I fail to watch much TV.