Thursday, August 12, 2010

Right Sides Only

Michigan? Again? Come on, it may be exciting. Dale Jarrett won his first Cup race there in a paint swapping duel to the checkered flag against Davey Allison. That was almost 20 years ago, so they're due for a close finish. Right?

Diff'rent Strokes

After announcing, four months ago, that he would be in a HMS ride in 2012, Kasey Kahne will drive a Toyota for Red Bull Racing in 2011. It's still undecided which RBR car, 83 or 82, he will drive next year. Other unknowns are if Scott Speed will return to the #82, or if Brian Vickers health issues will allow his return to the #83. When he finally gets in a HMS Chevy in 2012, Kahne will have driven a different make of car, each year, for four straight years.

Facts of Life

Drivers David Stremme and Boris Said along with crew chief, Frankie Stoddard all quit the Latitude 43 team earlier this week. Stremme and Said both pulled no punches when they called team owner, Bill Jenkins, a deadbeat who has not paid them.

Empty Nest

Like the race tracks themselves, the attendance at the NASCAR Hall of Fame is running at about 50% of projections. I raised my eyebrows months ago when they predicted 800,000 visitors in the first 13 and half months. That would be over 2,000 a day. Every day. That figure has now been readjusted to slightly over 400,000. If the current pace continues. They may want to hire Robert Gibbs to peddle their fish.


Last year is now just a bad dream at RCR. Kevin Harvick is still leading the points, Jeff Burton is a shoe in for the Chase, and Clint Bowyer is knocking on the door. As reported here weeks ago, Budweiser is bringing the big Clydesdales to RCR, and Paul Menard is bringing Daddy's money to a fourth car at RCR next year.

Michigan Meanderings

Jack Roush was released from the Mayo Clinic this week. He's listed as 'doubtful' for MIS.

Jimmie Johnson is 0-17 at Michigan.

David Pearson has the most poles (10), and the most wins (9) here.

Elliott Sadler's RPM Ford will be Petty Blue this week. Special promo for the Racing in America exhibit at the Henry Ford museum in nearby Dearborn.

I will be in the garages and media center at Darlington this Saturday for the truck race. Look for live updates and pics.


  1. Hey Gene!

    Gibbs oughta be outta work and needing a job shortly and all for tellin' the truth about the far left... What a world!

    I understand JJ plans to drive to victory no matter what! He will run down either of the Busch brothers and cousin Carl has been put on notice.

    Have a great time at Darlington!

  2. Cousin Carl will put Jimmie into the wall if need be. Jimmie will be 0-18 at Michigan, just like that semi-pro team that masqueraded as an NFL team two years ago--OH, that team went 0-16!

  3. Oh, and should Harvick win the title, he'll give his points to Menard for the new team and he'll still be automatic for the first five races due to his being the most recent champion.

  4. Dwind.... Baghdad Bob had more credibility than Robert Gibbs does.
    JJ does NOT want to bring a knife to a gun fight with the Busch Bros! LOL

    Jon... Carl is on not-so-secret probation. Nice plan with Harvick's points. Make sure the eggs hatch first, though.

  5. Gene, give the Lady in Black a kiss for me. When nobody's looking, of course!

  6. Is this where you were at last year when you got the shot of Kenny S. with the hottie from Hanahan, SC and an autograph from What'shername for Lori? What will you bring back this time?lol

  7. I dunno many people who have ever come off of blood thinners - Vickers might be done =(
    Regardless, glad I am not a Kasey fan - buying all new crap every year sucks.

    Lil' tidbit from TR - apparently JJ came up to Kurt on pit lane before WG and said, "good luck" Kurt said, "you too" and patted JJ on the butt and then said he was just waiting for the real time to tap his rear...

    Its coming!

    Finally have a great time covering Darlington - we expect some garage reports!

  8. Darnell vs Benson in the Trucks a couple years back was a great finish and the times CART raced here with the Hanford device were great races....if only there was a way to combine both *sigh*

  9. CR.... that pavement would probably be the hottest kiss ever. Temps expected to be 100+ on Saturday at the track.

    ATH... Schrader was at Rockingham for ARCA. He will be driving the KHI #2 at Darlington. His last, best chance for a win?

  10. Kristen... yeah, the Red Bull execs didn't sound too hopeful about Vickers being back next year, so he might be finished. Poor kid. On the other hand, he was the best analyst I've heard in a long time when he did a race a few weeks back. Love to see him take a Waltrip's place in the booth.

  11. Tez.... Eric Darnell is a great driver! I had forgot all about him, so has Jack apparently. Add him to the looooong list of young drivers that Jack has squeezed sponsors out of, then threw on the scrap heap.

  12. Darlington/Rockingham....both great tracks. Go, Kenny!

    Try to stay in the shade!

  13. Tez... Benson is another ex-Roush driver. Dang!

    ATH... the media center is A/C. I'll be okay.

  14. Have a great time at the Lady in Black, Gene!

  15. The Media Center??? Dang, You've come a long way, Baby!lol

  16. Moseby... it's gonna be a long, hot day at Darlington. Should be fun though!

  17. wow, that is really something about Kahne in a different make for four straight years. I also think Speed has to be gone from Red Bull.

  18. Gene, that's why I threw the disclaimer in there!