Tuesday, August 17, 2010

View From The Flagstand

The View from Michigan was certainly not clouded by excitement. Excitement here is when a car, or two, runs out of gas at the end allowing an uncompetitive car to win that day. And that only happens every few years or so. Rain shortened races are also welcome here, as it may lead to a surprise winner. At the very least we won't have to watch all 200 laps.


It is refreshing to see a points leader actually going for wins so late in the regular season. Kevin Harvick keeps the pedal down, leading 60 laps while winning his first non-plate race in almost four years.


Denny Hamlin led late before ending up second. RFR had the next three finishers, Carl Edwards (3), Greg Biffle (4), and Matt Kenseth (5). Mrtin Truex (8), and Elliott Sadler (9) both had surprising runs and each led a handful of laps.


Once again, HMS had no car in the top-10. Jimmie Johnson. in 12th, was their highest finisher. Bad news when Dale Earnhardt Jr in 19th is their second highest finisher.


Joey Logano giving all his unsolicited advice to the veterans this season. We know, Joe. Ryan Newman is an ass to pass. We know. Every driver out there knows it. He's just a local hazard on the course. Get over it and play on. Everyone else does.

When you rip off five or six wins in a season, then you may speak. Unlike us, Joey will have his outbursts on tape forever. It's rough being a kid in a man's sport, so shut up and quit embarrassing yourself. Thank goodness your dad finally did.


Dale Jr seems to have lost it, and probably will never get it back. His sister and Rick Hendrick should talk with him and put his best interests first, not their meal tickets. Is there an unhappier driver right now?


  1. Gene...

    Here I was all set to take the Kyle Busch Trifecta...

    With about 25 laps to go I was hopeful we might have a race on our hands at Michigan, but noooo!

    I keep thinkin' Jeff Gordon's about to pull off a win and then something happens. Then I think he's snake bit... THEN, I look at the Chase standings and there he sits, without a single win in second place. Go figure!

    I have to wonder what Dale would do if he wasn't racing... He might just fold his tent and drop out of sight for a very long time.

    Thanks Gene!

  2. What you said about Newman is true. Guess that's another reason why I like him. Joey's dad must have cut the apron strings... Seem's Joey can't wait to make an ass out of himself, all by himself!

    I was thinking about Junior while reading your bit about rain shortened Michigan races producing uncompetitive winners. Poor guy need's to find something... Maybe a wife could kick him in the butt, and stick a burr under his saddle?

  3. Dwindy... it was easy to think that Gordon had a shot... he was ESPN's #1 storyline of the day.... how many positions has he gained? Did we need to hear that every two laps? The week before they did the same thing when Kyle started in the back at Watkins Glen. I may have to give their script writers some fresh ideas.

    So, you think Dale Jr may pull a Barry Sanders and just walk away, never to be seen again?

  4. CR.... Newman style of holding up faster cars reminds me of Dave Marcis.... that's not a compliment...LOL

    While he's busy postponing the inevitable, by 'racing' a faster car, he's actually allowing the other cars behind him to gain ground, and also letting the ones already in front of him add more distance. Not the brightest engineer in the drawer.

    i doubt Jr will ever get married after seeing how his father treated women. If he was going to get married he would've already let some strong woman run his life by now. And, KLV's already taken...LOL

  5. Gene, I think you're going to see Harvick keep the pedal down, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him win two of the final three races before the Chase. The one Chase track that I think could give Harvick fits is Dover.

  6. Gene,

    I'm no psychologist, but I'd venture to say Dale Earnhardt Jr. has displayed many of the symptoms a recluse has. And, considering how much he must be worth, he certainly could afford to be one...

    Even though it must be heart wrenching for her... We need Kristen to weigh in.

  7. The most obvious fact was the empty grand stands.

  8. Holding up faster cars? Not so bright? Why I ought ah'... (sound of grinding teeth)

  9. "We’re just going to keep doing what we’ve been doing. We race for wins every week, and we do the best we can. Sometimes we finish fifth, sometimes 15th, but we’re always racing for the win." Ryan Newman, 8/17/10.

  10. Jon.... If the other Chase drivers are content to stroke along and points race, and Harvick doesn't, he could win two of three.

    Dwind... I think he'll be an owner only when his HMS contract is up.

  11. Photo.... Yep, and for such pitiful racing, Michigan always had big crowds.

    CR... Yes, when he takes a different (than his normal) line through the turns just to pinch down someone, he is slowing himself down also... and probably using up his tires, too.

    Other drivers know it's a long race, and let faster cars go by on a straightaway so neither loses more time to the leaders.

    I'm not saying his style is wrong, just that the other 42 have a different outlook.

  12. Ok Rusty, I understand how you feel about Newman. But I think I was talking to Gene. lol

  13. Gotta give a black flag to that engine of Kurts but I still maintain they were testing something for the 1.5 milers in the Chase...in denial possibly, yes.

    Speaking of denial, la-la-la-la-la - whats this about Dale Junior vanishing into his Whiskey River Ghost Town and haunting the place for the rest of his days?!?

    He has been "protected" by his sister for far too long and given her and his dad's track record in relationships I doubt he'll ever get married. Sorry pit lizards!

    He could easily drop out of sight but I think he cares too much about taking care of his family so will likely be the face of his racing company just to make sure his mom, sister and cousins keep their paychecks.

  14. CR... LOL.... The ONLY time I'll ever agree with Rusty, or DW.

  15. KLV.... Kinda have to wonder if everyone, except Harvick, is testing for the Chase. May come back to bite him.

    I concur (lol) with your diagnosis. Jr will do just fine as an owner.

  16. Hey Gene...

    Are you turnin' into big brother or something? What the hell's this Feedjit nonsence? You must live in Mount Pleasant... I don't live in Brooksville BTW...

    You gonna let that thing run?

  17. D.... I don't live in Mt P. My name shows up as Hanahan on there. Don't know if I'll keep it or not. There are other pages with it. You can see what other sites visitors came from. You can see what they googled to get here, all kinds of info. Have to have a tracker to sell advertising.