Sunday, August 15, 2010

Faces of Darlington

A few pictures from Camping World Truck Series qualifying at Darlington Raceway on August, 14, 2010.

The Lady in Black

Eventual race winner, Todd Bodine

Austin Dillon. The future of NASCAR?

Mike Skinner

Ron Hornaday = Focused!

Sponsor magnet, Ricky Carmichael


  1. (Sweetie, you forgot to link up with the homepage again. What would you do without me? Nevermind.♥)

  2. If I wanted to link this to Lugnuts, I would have. I don't think this piece is a big enough deal to knock other posts off the page there.

  3. Great shots Gene! Cant wait to read the official blog about it...So when Kyle/Harvick and other cup stars race Trucks do they hang out on pit road too?

    You get any lugs? LOL

  4. Kris... I would be surprised if Kyle did. Some drivers never made it to their trucks for the autograph sessions because they were mobbed as soon as they got to the gate from the garage to pit road.

    Big crowds were around Jennifer Jo Cobb.... NASCAR should be marketing her to the hilt, but they don't have a clue.

    Even bigger mobs were around Austin Dillon... I don't know what 'it' is... but that kid has it. Once again NASCAR not building him like they should.

  5. Hornaday has that "get out of my way" look on his face....did you annoy him, Gene? :P

  6. Tez.... LOL, I do have a way of doing that.

    I actually wasn't as close as the pic looks. BlackBerry zoom is most excellent.