Monday, March 12, 2012

View From The Flagstand: Smoke Show in Vegas

Tony Stewart survived several late race restarts Sunday in Las Vegas and hung on for the win. This is the 2011 champion's sixth victory in his last thirteen starts.


Of course it goes to Smoke, after he led almost twice as many laps as the next highest lap leader. He lurked throughout, and didn't show his winning hand until some other pretenders had overplayed their cards.


Second place, Jimmie Johnson led the field at different points, but was no match for Stewart at the end. Greg Biffle finished third and is our new points leader. Dale Earnhardt Jr started fourth, finished tenth, and led 70 laps along the way. Clint Bowyer (6th) Paul Menard (7th) Jamie McMurray (8th) and Trevor Bayne (9th) all had much needed decent runs.


Five of the eight cautions were for debris or fluid on the track... allegedly.


The Busch Brothers Las Vegas homecoming was not a grand old time, as they both spun themselves out of contention. Kyle was 23rd, while Kurt DNFed with a 35th place finish.


The Penske Dodges. Some of us were expecting Brad Keselowski to come out, guns blazing this year. He ran great at Daytona, now he, nor, teammate, AJ Allmendinger are in the top-20 in points. Certainly not too early to panic, but things could snowball out of control fast as they are lame ducks in those Dodges.


  1. Those were bogus cautions. Just sayin. Too bad everyone will remember the late restarts and think everything was tense and exciting.

  2. Yes, they will, Jake. The majority of the fans think a GWC finish makes up for 3 hours of follow-the-leader.

  3. What are there... 6 1.5 mile cookie cutters? Let's see, Atlanta (1 race), Charlotte (2), Chicago (2), Homestead (1), Kansas (2), Kentucky (1), Las Vegas (2) and Texas (2)... Did I miss any? That's 1/3rd of the schedule! Throw in Louden (2), Pocono (2), Michigan (2), Fontana (1), and the wonderfully redesigned layout at Phoenix (2) and you've got 22 snoozers (61%!)on the 36 race schedule now. And, don't forget, 6 of these snoozers make up the majority of the Chase races too... I guess NASCAR fans have a tough time sleeping and these races represent the auto racing industry's cure... Ever try counting sheep? Oh... That's what you are...

    Congratulations to Tony...

  4. I am worried about the Penske fuel injection system and lack of support from Dodge at this point. AJ gotta be feeling tremendous pressure to perform like never year contract is a tough deal. Not sure why #2 team would even risk going low on fuel knowing AJ was out with the injection issue...yes, go for the win but seems to be asking for the dang thing to break. Wolfe is ballsy though, give him that.

    I can't be happy for Smoke but I'll be happy for Addington. He gave me a big ole hug so that was nice.

    So far I am already "meh" on the racing...not a good sign.

  5. Dwindy... Wow... Unbelievable what nascar fans will subject themselves to. I notice you left the road courses off your 'snoozer' list...LOL

    Kris... dodge could act professional and continue to help Penske 100%... that would keep a high presence in nascar, and sell cars.... or they could turn their back on Penske. Tough call.