Monday, March 26, 2012

View From The Flagstand: Smoke Reigns in Cali

Tony Stewart won the rain shortened event in Fontana, California on Sunday. Even though only 129 of the scheduled 200 laps were completed, Stewart had the fastest car and looked destined to win rain or no rain.


Dating back to last year's Chase, Stewart has now won 7 of the last 15 Cup races. That includes two of the first five this year for the notorious slow starting three time champion. His early successes this season can not bode well for Stewart's competition.


Kyle Busch led 80 of the 129 laps while starting and finishing 2nd. Dale Earnhardt Jr was 3rd. Kurt Busch scored his first top-10 for Phoenix Racing, coming home 9th.


The only caution Sunday came out when the skies opened up with some California liquid sunshine on lap 125. The cars were soon parked and the race was ruled officially over in about 15 minutes.


Why did NASCAR sit through a two or three hour delay at Daytona this year, late at night, as the track was repaired, yet called the race at ACS on Sunday at 2:30 California time?


Auto Club Speedway. You would think that five grooves of cars racing at over 200 mph would be a little bit exciting, wouldn't you? You would be wrong. Why are they still racing here? Los Angeles will not support an NFL team, and after razing two other tracks in SoCa, you would think NASCAR would get the hint. You would be wrong.


  1. Ummm, Hanny. They only race at Fontana once a year now.

    As for your red flag, look up the word "inconsistency" in the dictionary. There you will find a picture of the NASCAR logo.

  2. Speedy... Wow! So, it just seems like two races? lol

    I guess I'll change that to "one race", it will still tell the same story.

  3. LMAO...One race is one race too many. The racing sucks at that track beyond belief...I was asking the same thing - doesnt Fontana have lights??

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  5. NASCAR better take a harder look at Tony's rides...

    The cars just went round and round and round and round and zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ... Huh? It's over? Who won? Oh...

    And they almost had a sell out? In LA? Did they think Michelle Obama was gonna be there???

    (Sorry about the delete man... It's early...

  6. KLV... Agreed, that track needs to join the Riverside and Ontario tracks as distant memories of failed nascar racing in SoCa.

    Dwindy... The 14 team seems to have found something... and I doubt it's the addition of new crew chief, Addington.

    Had to be some trick math involved in so many ticket sales at ACS.