Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving with the Busch Brothers

"I'm thankful that f&%*!ng Addington won't be back next year. What the %@&* are you thankful for, Kyle?"

"I'm just thankful that Gibbs or M&Ms don't have the %@!!s to fire me."

"Mom, where the %*&# is that turkey? I've been waiting ten %#$ !*^$ minutes!"

"Where the $&*% is your new girlfriend, Kurt?"

"#@$*! She said I had %#$&!ng anger management problems! Can you believe that $!##!"

"You? What the %@#$ is she talking about?"

"Still no %&$#!@* turkey?! Couldn't you have pre-%&&#!@*-cooked it, Mom?!"


Happy Thanksgiving to all of us Busch fans!


  1. hahaha, that's hilarious. Happy Thanksgiving Gene!

  2. Just as I know how difficult it is being green... It's also damned difficult being a Busch brother apologist...

  3. Have you been following #KurtBuschThanksgiving over on Twitter????

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, JM!!

    Dwindy... ain't that the truth! Happy Turkey Day!

    Speedy... No, I haven't been on twitter too much lately. I heard they had a fake Kurt account, but didn't know it was about Thanksgiving. Happy Holiday!

  5. Waa Waa Waaaaaaaa

    #KurtBuschThanksgiving was pretty funny and if it werent about Kurt himself, I think he'd find it funny....

    Hello plenty of evidence for nature and nurture in that family...yikes!

  6. Kris... hope you had a great holiday!

    I've seen plenty of internet comments about the Busch bros' parents lack of parenting skills. Amazing that folks assume that with no knowledge of the situation. How come Kurt and Kyle's parents are singled out? .... yet, the parents of actual hardcore felons are never blamed?