Sunday, May 1, 2011

View From The Flagstand: Kyle Busch Rocks Richmond

Be thankful that Saturday's race at Richmond International Raceway was completed under a cover of darkness. After starting 20th, Kyle Busch first took the point on lap 90, then led 235 of the remaining 310 laps. It wasn't that pretty, and would have looked even worse in broad daylight.


Busch thoroughly dominated the field at the three-quarter mile track in central Virginia in route to his second win in the first quarter of the season. Busch's JGR teammate, Denny Hamlin was second on Saturday, and won the Nationwide race on Friday.


Kasey Kahne (3) and David Ragan (4) had their best finishes of the year. AJ Allmendinger (7) and Brian Vickers (10) scored top-10s, too. Dave Blaney had a season best finish of 13th just days after his TBR team announced new primary sponsors for the rest of the season.


Once again, Jeff Gordon slammed a concrete wall with the driver's side of his racer. It is amazing that there are still sections of concrete walls on NASCAR's premier tracks that don't have SAFER barriers installed. I'm sure that wall will be corrected before the next race at RIR. NASCAR has perfected the shutting of the barn door.


Juan Montoya slides up, into Ryan Newman, on a short track, blames Newman, and extracts his revenge by dumping Newman later in the race. It's a short track, Juan! Not all contact is malicious. You ruined your night, not Newman. Just remember, Newman won't lift, with 300 laps left, for 10th place.


A black flag for the blue language the drivers were using at RIR? Personally, I don't give a f*** what they say. It livens up a boring race sometimes. But, after Kurt Busch and Martin Truex Jr (among many others) F-bombed the scanner waves on Saturday, will NASCAR try to censor the boys from having at it verbally?


  1. Finally had a little emotion out there! It will be interesting to see what, if anything, NASCAR does in response this week.

  2. black flag, and throwing under the bus, driven by David Ragan (feel free to back up and repeat as required), to the boneheads called officials for completely ingoring Kenseth changing lanes before the line on a restart. Guess NASCAR only like to ping guys who haven't won a race before.....

  3. Hey Gene!

    What the %#@*'S wrong with a little colorful language? LOL!

    I've found it interesting just how much of that actually goes on... There's a NASCAR show on one of the cable movie channels and although the announcers keep it clean, that's as far as it goes. Now I know this is like the pot calling the kettle black, but then again I don't stand in public and pray before I go to work... Maybe I should!

    Couldn't see the whole race and although I liked the outcome, it doesn't really sound like I missed too much.

    Richmond wasn't a sell out on Saturday night? Like old wild Bill used to say... "It's the economy stupid!" I'm sorry to say it doesn't look like the folks currently residing in the White House got the memo...

    Thanks Gene!

  4. JM... No surprise, NASCAR did nothing.

    Tez.... they probably have different rules on the plate tracks. LOL

  5. Dwindy... yes, you did not miss any green flag passes for the lead. I think Kyle letting Gordon by for a couple of laps was the last green flag pass of the race.

    It's always fun to listen in on the scanners during a race. Drivers will go from zero to crazy in 1/10 of a second. Then 30 seconds later they'll be as calm as ever.

  6. Gene,

    I'm curious... What else is new? LOL!

    You gonna make it to Darlington this weekend?

    Seems like a Saturday night race could be fit into a busy schedule...

    Hope you get to go!

  7. Dwindy... I haven't decided yet on Darlington. Playing it by ear and checking the weather. I'd probably rather go to the NW race than the Cup. Its half the laps with twice the action!

  8. Well just as NASCAR wants "have at it boys" to stir up PR for them they would never edit the radios anymore than they already do - come on its a family sport but who doesnt love listening to the drivers go bonkers?? Kurt really should get an Emmy for some of the sarcastic stuff he comes up with mid race.

    kudos to Blaney! Stoked to see him wheeling it so well.

    Have fun this weekend! Pics please!

  9. Kristen... yeah, sometimes Kurt is hilarious with the sarcasm. I love when the crew chiefs or spotters tell the drivers that they are going to do something (just to calm the driver down) when you just know they aren't going to do a dang thing.

    I will be in the pits Friday at Darlington!

  10. Hey that's cool Gene! Have a good time and say hi to Ol' DW! LOL!