Sunday, May 22, 2011

View From The Flagstand: Carl Edwards Wins All-Star Race

As usual, NASCAR's All-Star race was held at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The festivities included pre, and post, race concerts, a last chance qualifying race, and not one, but two Guinness world records being set on Saturday.


Carl Edwards was the man to beat, and no one could. In fact the four RFR Fords all finished in the top-8, with David Ragan also winning the All-Star transfer race.


Kyle Busch started first, and about 5 hours later (it was a long night), finished 2nd. David Reutimann was 3rd, while Tony Stewart wound up 4th.


There was not a 'big one' in the main event, a few minor scrapes, but nothing major. The most damage to a car was to the winner's when Edwards tore his ride up with a celebratory slide through a low spot in the infield.


This was the worst coverage of a race that I have ever seen, and I have seen some bad ones. Did we really need McReynolds, Hammond, and Voda in that little playhouse they were using as a studio? Three blabberers fighting for mic time in a 6'x3' space. What could be worse than one Waltrip in the broadcast booth? I'm just glad they aren't triplets. DW finally sunk to the bottom on Saturday night, and he dragged Mikey right along with him. Actual tape of their riveting analysis; DW: "Five-time", MW: "Five-time", DW: "Five-time". Arrggghhh! That 'nickname' was played out about five minutes after JJ accepted his last championship trophy.


Speed TV's race coverage began at 6pm et. It was still going strong at 11:30 et, as the race was mercy killed with a checkered flag. There was way too much hype, and way too little payoff. If there had been as many cautions as in past events, they would have been playing follow the leader long past midnight. Clean it up, Bruton. More is not always better.


  1. Gene I have to say it was the best Dierks Bentley concert I have ever seen. Ok its the 1st time I have seen Dierks in concert, but its the only positive I could come up with. That and I had a free ticket with a free place to stay less than 10 miles from the track.

  2. Gene,

    I was able to see right up to Kyle being introduced then had to run. From that time I recorded the proceedings. I couldn't believe the number of commercial breaks I had to speed through. A much too over-hyped event.

    Then the duckster goes and wins it...

  3. UGH! I just wrote this lengthy comment complaining about everything and stupid Blogger didnt take it! So annoying...anyway the shorter b*tch session is...

    Maybe Carl was so good he just stunk up the show, possible but NASCAR should ban them from using cars for the 600 so they stop testing for short runs and then the format just sucks! Sucks! Barely any strategy involved already and then they require a 4 tire stop before the final 10 laps? WTF for?? Stupid. And dont even get me started on the broadcast team - I had the sound off and skipped thru everytime I wasnt watching cars on the track. I hope Speed catches plenty of flack for that display of hideous coverage.

    However I did literally laugh out loud at Carl catching that manhole cover...hysterical! I bet Jack did make him work on the car on Monday.

  4. Jason... Did you hang around for the post-race concert?

    Dwindy... You are lucky you didn't have to watch it live.

    Kristen... Wow! Don't hold back, how do you really feel? lol. It was a terrible race, with terrible coverage.