Thursday, November 18, 2010

Right Sides Only

Nine months ago, along the central Florida seashore, we began this long journey. Now, we deliver a new champion this Sunday along the edge of the Everglades of south Florida. After thirty-five battles on the asphalt venues, from Pocono to Phoenix, from Sonoma to South Beach, it comes down to the final race. Three men enter, one walks off with the hardware.

Every Rose Has It's Thorns

Since when is 33 points considered a huge points lead in NASCAR? NASCAR would kill to have a points race of only 33 separating first and second all year long. Every headline in the country gloom and doomed Denny Hamlin for coming into Phoenix last week leading by 33 and leaving leading by 18. He's still leading, folks.

Unskinny Bop

Denny Hamlin has one win and three top-5s in his five Homestead starts. Jimmie Johnson has no wins and six top-10s in his nine starts here. Kevin Harvick has seven top-10s in his nine starts and an average finish of 8.4. Reminder: JJ usually has the title locked up when racing at Homestead and hasn't really had to try for the win there

Nothin', But A Good Time

Wow, how many drivers are in their last event for their current teams? Marcos Ambrose says, G'day, to the #47 Toyota. Paul Menard spends his family's last dollar at RPM. Elliott Sadler also jumps ship from RPM. Sam Hornish suddenly leaves Penske, and Kurt Busch plays his last hand with the Blue Deuce. Brad Keselowski of Penske also makes off-season changes there. Scott Speed looks to be in his last Cup race for Red Bull this weekend. Bobby Labonte hopes for happier days next year with a mid-major ride.

Homestead Heat

Homestead is the only track on which Jeff Gordon has not won a race.

Greg Biffle is the all-time winner here with three.

Bobby Labonte led one lap, the last one, here in 2003. It was his last Cup win.

Bret Michaels is the Grand Marshall, the Honorary Starter, and performs the National Anthem at Homestead.

Never in the Chase, and only twice since 1975, has the points leader going into the final race not gone on to win the championship.


  1. When was Greg Biffled? lol

    Look for RCR to pull a fast one. If Harvick wins, maybe he'll slap the wall with the tail end during his victory celebration? That said, even a win won't be enough for the Happy to earn the championship.

    The real race will be between Hamlin and Johnson. Jimmie seems pumped to go all out, and it should be a fantastic race!

    Maybe Scott Speed should check out ALMS, or Aussie V-8? Sam maybe back to IndyCar, if a spot is open?

  2. Oh, your poll question, Miami makes me think of Vice! ...and other stuff from the 80's, like Phill Collins, MTV, and Pink Flamingo lawn decorations!

  3. I like the scenario where all three wipe out coming out of turn one on the first lap and then the mechanics take over to win or lose the title by attempting to be the first to get their car and driver back out on the track first... ESPN's cameras are moved to the garage area where the viewers learn first hand how to rip off sheet metal and improvise with duct tape and plastic sheets while front ends and rear ends are rebuilt... Oughta make for quite a show!

    Will Toyota win it's first Spint Cup after what, four years? Five?

    Will Harvick still be Happy?

    Will one of the greatest championship runs in all of sport continue?

    If this doesn't get the American public's attention then I don't know what to say...

    Thanks Gene!

  4. CR.... I must have been Gregged when I typed that. lol

    It should be a very dramatic race. If only ESPN would tell us where they stand in the points every 2 minutes. Oh, yeah, never mind. Radner.

    I'd love to see S Speed in ALMS.

  5. Dwindy... I love that idea! Hendrick would have three other teams to help out in the garage, Gibbs and Childress... only two.

    Just saw the TV ratings were down 24% from last year at Phoenix last week. They will be down at Homestead also. But, for those of us watching, it will be the race of the year!

  6. I think we're going to make it three times since 1975 that the points leader going in has lost the title. It's going to come down to Johnson vs. Harvick. Hendrick vs. Childress. Hendrick horsepower vs. EGR horsepower.

  7. Its a sad day for the Brew Crew - several have never worked for another car # nor sponsor. I wouldn't be surprised if they were drunk for most of the weekend. Big party by ML this week for them and it will continue at Homestead! Don't be picking Kurt for the 'fecta if you want to win!

    This should be a great race - I hope I can watch it live!

  8. Okay Gene...

    Your opinion: Here are the Homestead-Miami race chassis selections for the 3 contenders...

    Hamlin will use the same chassis that won two weeks ago in Texas.

    Johnson will drive the chassis he had when he came in third at Fontana.

    Now the kicker...
    Harvick will use a brand new, untried chassis at the most important race of their season. The first time it will be run will be during the practice sessions.

    Seems to me RCR is taking quite a risk here... Rolling the dice?

  9. nice stop Gene,

    I hope to be back blogging full time this winter.
    As for the Chase, I hope Denny pulls it out, if not him that hopefully Kyle will put JJ in the wall and Harvick can win. Anybody but JJ!!

  10. Gene...

    RCR also has their 2011 engine in the 29 car...

    Guess it's on!

  11. Like I said, RCR will pull a fast one. That can have more than one meaning...

  12. JOn... are you clicking your heels three times as you keep wishing this? LOL

    KLV... I guess I may have to check out Homestead one of these years... just for the parties. Zac Brown Band gave a free concert Thurs night. Bunch of drivers and crews were there.

    The red and yellow paint job on the #22 is pretty banging.

  13. Dwindy... A lot of the Chasers have been using new chassis since the Chase started. No risk for the #29... they have nothing to lose.

    I like JGR coming back with a car that just won 2 weeks ago, though.

    Quals just ended Denny starts 39th. Will be leading before lap 100!

  14. Stork... What is up, Bro! Maybe you can take up my slack during the winter... I need some time away from the blogging. lol

    Yes, anyone but JJ!!!!

  15. Gene, I'm clicking my heels MORE than three times! With RCR putting their 2011 engine in the 29, that car could be a rocket ship come race time. I look for Harvick and Edwards to battle it out for the win. JJ finishes sixth, Hamlin 11th.