Thursday, November 4, 2010

Right Sides Only

After the thrill ride that was Talladega, we gear up for more flat footed acceleration deep in the heart of Texas. The Cup whips will be doing almost the same speeds as they were in 'Dega, but without the dreaded restrictor plates.

King of the Road

Aric Amirolla will be in the RPM #9 this weekend, and Budweiser will remain on the hood and TV panels for the rest of the year. Double A will actually race in all three events at TMS this weekend. Meanwhile, Richard Petty continues to search for OPM to keep this race team afloat. Look for, fellow Ford racer, Jack Roush to eventually step in and 'help'. Soon followed by RPM's sponsors moving to RFR.

Promised Land

Shane Hmiel was scheduled to return home to Charlotte, NC Thursday morning. He was removed from the ICU on Wednesday.

The Gambler

Chip Ganassi listened to Ford's pitch to switch to the Blue Oval next year, and finally decided to stand pat with Chevy. He thinks that he'll win more races with Chevy, even though Ford would give him more cash and resources.

Texas Treats

Last week's tag team partners, Jeff Burton and Dale Earnhardt Jr both won their first Cup race at TMS.

Jeff Gordon has won once at TMS. It was his last win, a year and a half ago.

Carl Edwards leads all drivers with three wins here.

Denny Hamlin (9.6) and Matt Kenseth (9.9) are the only drivers to average a top-10 finish here.

Two trained monkeys (not Mikey and DW) will be selling race programs at selected sites during the weekend at TMS.

Kelly Hansen of Foreigner will sing the national anthem on Sunday. They couldn't afford the whole band after paying for those monkeys?

Willie Nelson will be live on the frontstretch stage for a pre-race concert on Sunday.


  1. so....which drivers' current non-winning streak is 'Cold as Ice' referring to?

  2. Gene...

    After listening to the song you linked to I have to wonder what on God's green earth those libs out in California are thinking... They elected Jerry and re-elected Barbara but punted on the legalization of something that would have, at the very least, eased the pain they've brought on themselves in Jerry's case and the pain they've laid on the rest of us in Ms. Boxer's case...

    Reading the news in my old hometown newspaper the other day. They hauled off this poor guy for taking a couple of shots at some teenagers he caught raiding his legal medical MJ patch! There was a picture... The guy's whole back yard was four foot tall plants! What's next? LOL

    Good news on three fronts here. It's good Bud is going to hang in until the bitter end at RPM. It's double good to hear Hmiel will be going home. And, it's good to hear Ganassi is going to hang with Chevrolet.

    (Check your Trifecta picks... F1)

    Thanks Gene!

  3. I like Ford. Who doesn't like Fords?

    Dwindy... Californians even elected a dead democrat to the state congress. The state democratic party urged voters in the Long Beach area, to vote for the desceased woman, and not let republicans "take advantage" of the tragedy. The winner died 10 days prior to the election.

  4. Tez... I hope it's referring to Carl Edwards. And I hope it's as long as the Ice Age.

  5. Dwindy...Cali and Assachusetts are the only two states that voted to make things even worse than they were. WTG!

    I didn't know they could go grow their own Rx. I thought they had to have a script and then buy it. It looked like that was the number one industry in some of those small NoCal towns when I was out there this year.

  6. CR.... A live Dem in SC got a third of a million votes against Jim DeMint Tuesday. Google Alvin Greene for a good laugh.

  7. NASCAR + FOODIE event at texas pits JJ and Molto Mario against Kurt and Guy Fieri for charity today. No word yet on the secret ingredients but here is one event where Kurt *might* burn JJ...

    I'll just sit here quietly and pay half my income to taxes...

  8. KLV...Kurt's secret ingredient must be Miller Lite? Sorry he got stuck with that D-bag, Fieri, though.

    That's the price you pay to live in the most beautiful city in the country. (8

  9. <>

    That's about the only way Roush seems to get sponsorships these days. If it wasn't for a "charismatic" driver like Carl Edwards, Roush would be strapped for sponsors. (I use the term loosely because you all know what I think of Edwards. *Bite tongue hard here*)

    WTG California. *Sarcastic applause* You managed to make a bad situation WORSE by electing a retread clown as governor and returning an old hag to the Senate. Now we'll be paying 75% of our hard-earned money to the government so welfare bums and druggies can live free off the government teat.