Thursday, November 11, 2010

Right Sides Only

Can the Chase get any wilder, any woolier, this week than it was last Sunday in Texas? Points leader, Denny Hamlin seems awfully cool under fire, but Phoenix is Jimmie Johnson's hideout, and Kevin Harvick is looking to bushwhack at least one of them in the desert.

Smile, You're on Sports Center

Kyle Busch's ill thought out use of a middle digit against a NASCAR official cost him $25,000 in fines this week. The charge? "Unsportsmanlike conduct". Busch probably lost another $50,000 in prize money after being penalized two laps during the race at Texas for flying the finger. Most of us had our parents to let us know that the finger was not an acceptable form of communication, perhaps Busch has learned that lesson now.

While Busch was penalized during and after the race, Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton went unaccountable after they intentionally wrecked each other under yellow at Texas. Then, on the track, in front of more viewers than saw Busch's finger, they threw down physically on each other with bad intentions. So glad that NASCAR has a firm grasp of what is "unsportsmanlike", and what is not.

Brake Check

How in the hell did a brake pad fly from Sam Hornish's car, over 100 feet in the air, and through the tempered safety glass of the Texas Speedway Club? Hornish scraped the wall several times Sunday, but somehow his red hot brake pad wasn't dislodged until the checkered flag flew.

Two men were injured by the flying part, which then burned a hole in the carpet where it came to rest. Both men's injuries, from flying glass, were minor, although one of them was transported to a hospital. NASCAR was very lucky that the pad hit a safety window instead of the unprotected crowd in the grandstand below.

Do The Dew!

The Diet Mountain Dew #88 of Dale Earnhardt Jr will have a sparkling new paint scheme in Phoenix. Dale Jr picked the winner from almost 10,000 submissions by the fans. The car will be unveiled, on the ice, at the NHL Phoenix Coyotes game on Friday night. Blame the crew chief if you don't like the new paint job.

Wild, Wild West

Bad news for his rivals... Jimmie Johnson owns Phoenix! It may be his best track. He's won the last three races there (four overall), and has an average finishing spot of 4.9 in 14 starts. Harvick has two wins here, and a 15.0 average finish in his 15 races at PIR. Hamlin has no wins and five top-5s in ten races.

This is also a place where Hamlin wants to redeem himself. Last spring, after knee surgery, Hamlin refused to let a relief driver take over for him at PIR. He finished two laps down while trying to show his crew that he'd never give up on them. I said then, that it was a mistake on Hamlin's part to give up points like that. Who's the genius now?

Phoenix Ponderings

Hamlin and AJ Allmendinger won their first career poles at PIR.

1992 Champion, Alan Kulwicki won his first race here in 1988.

Mark Martin's average finish here is 8.7.

Ryan Newman's #39 will feature pictures of US Army veterans in celebration of Veterans Day.

Newman once won three consecutive poles at PIR.

Did you notice that this race is sponsored by Kobalt/Lowes? Sigh!


  1. A reasnonable person would think that the 2 lap penalty was sufficient, and the end of the matter. But NASCAR, true to form, has to milk the incident for all it's worth. While brushing off the Jeffy Jeff show, as just good ole' boyz gettin' thar dander up. I'm upping the ante, Brian France, up your's! lol

  2. they can't ping anyone for the fight since they're still trying to figure out who dressed up in the Jeff suits since it couldn't have been Gordon and until they find the true culprits, no further action will be taken :P

  3. Junyer's got a win at PIR - I have the video of me screaming all the way from white flag to the checkers to prove it. Poor hubby it was his first race! =) That paint scheme could be just the ticket to impress Vicky this week...

    Sam's gotta get sponsor attention some how - Maybe he's putting on a show for new sponsor...durability of brake pads? Maybe it was just a stunt like that Lowes commercial where Chad and JJ didnt get squashed.

    Did Brian drunk dial in a penalty again?

    PAINS me to have PIR actually mean something and not be there - Daytona better be spectacular! LOL

  4. Gene,

    That Dew car looks like it was all white and then hit Kermit the Frog at about 200 MPH! LOL

    They found that the real cause of the Jeff vs. Jeff row was Burton had got Gordon's mail and told someone about the lacey pants catalog! NASCAR was afraid of a lawsuit if they pushed the actual cause any further! Enough said?

    Good one Gene!

  5. CR... Yeah, for it to be such a heinous crime, they sure have milked and replayed it enough.

    Tez... lol, yes, for sure the Mayor would never be involved in any dirty driving. This makes the third time in the last few months that I've heard Burton say he was 100% at fault. From the guy that's always telling the other drivers how to drive.

  6. KLV... Good thing you have a Jr win on video. That's a rare find these days. LOL

    Maybe Sam will get a window sponsor. Their commercials would show them withstanding the force of a shattered brake pad. 8)

    Dwindy.... lacey pants catalog? Gordon's new sponsor... Victoria's Secret? lol

  7. When Jeff vs. Jeff went down, I was on the edge of my seat screaming, FIGHT! FIGHT!! Maybe Dana White will want to look at the tape and sign Gordon. Then again, maybe not!

    Kristen, I think he was.

  8. Jon... I wouldn't be surprised if White (or MacMahon) had two guys dressed like NASCAR drivers on a future show. lol

    Jeff vs Jeff wasn't much of a fight though, was it?