Monday, July 19, 2010

Polls are Still Open

This week's poll question concerns Carl Edwards. Apparently, a lot of race fans saw nothing wrong with what he did to Brad Keselowski last Saturday night. I always wonder how many of those fans would still have no problem with Edwards if it was their favorite driver on the receiving end?

I'll admit, I am no fan of Edwards. The backflipping, the boys only bike rides, the apron strings, etc. Meanwhile, Keselowski continues to impress me with his driving skill. I haven't noticed the JRM #88 up front on a weekly basis in the NNS since he got out of it. And, after he pays his dues this year, look for him to have his Penske Dodge near the front every week next year in the Cup series.

Unlike Joey Logano, who let his dad push him into a verbal altercation after one too many noogies from Kevin Harvick, Keselowski hasn't whined or trash talked his rivals. He stays calm after being spun out, or flying through the air. He seems to be a young man with a set goal, and isn't going to bitch about rough driving, because he's fine giving or receiving it.


  1. Gene,

    Here's the link to the interview Bob Keselowski gave on ESPN right after the Gateway race...

    Next time I don't think there should be salvageable love taps. Edwards goes for the throat and that's what he should get. Just take him out and move on, just like he's been doing.

    Wonder what would be said if it was Dale Jr. Carl took out like that. A lifetime banishment?

    Thanks Gene

  2. well, look on the bright side; it's given us something juicy to talk about this week.

    say, did anyone else hear Dave Despain allude to that, maybe, Jimmie and Marcos will team up for the Watkins Rolex Series race in a few weeks last night on 'Windtunnel'? If that happens, I wonder whether they'll let Marcos do the final stint should fuel be a concern....

  3. Dwindy.... I saw the old man being interviewed after the race. He used to be a pretty good driver in ARCA, for years.

    A couple of years ago Carl slammed into the side of Jr's NNS car after Jr spun him to win. Jr had his arm out the window, and Carl almost hit it.

  4. Tez.... Yes. It would have been a boring, off weekend for the Cup series if not for Carl.

    I missed the first part of Wind Tunnel, didn't hear that announcement. Marcos may be OK, or does the elevation change as much at WG as it does in Sonoma? lol

  5. Yep, I kind of look at it like this; if Junior only had one arm today, Carl would be living under an assumed name, in an undisclosed loation right now. Your poll is still has an ignition problem.

  6. CR.... Damn polls! I suppose we'll just have to leave our picks on Carl here in the comments. I had several other choices I could have included in the poll, but I tried to keep it

  7. Looks like my vote counted boys... Guess that says somethin' bout y'all! LOL

  8. I noticed the love taps by Carl and Brad before the final one. This one was definitely not a move em out of the way tap. It was too evident he intended to crash Brad but also took out numerous other drivers in the event. Some one could have really got hurt with Carl's actions.

    Like Dwindy said what if it was Dale Jr.?

  9. CR--he'd be living under the pseudonym "John Holmes". Just sayin'!

    Dwindy, if it was Dale Jr, Edwards would have had his ass kicked by Jr's crew as soon as he got out of the car.

  10. Photo... Definitely! Remember after Hamlin wrecked Keselowski, and he said all the drivers in the garage congratulated him? I wonder how many congratulated Carl? lol

  11. All I have to do is research NASCAR videos since I got left behind on the Amelia Island trip. No, seriously, I'M JOB HUNTING! Grrrrr

    Is there any comparison to the last video?

    Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski - final lap at Gateway.
    Carl Edwards was put on a 3-race probation for this incident.
    Carl Edwards' Flip into the Fence
    "I got him loose and I spun him out."
    At least he was man enough to say he did it!

  12. Well I voted for "issues" just for the record...
    I have no issue with payback, but geez wiz golly jeepers Cousin Carl can't you just tap a guy? Why do you have to pile drive him into a wall every time? Ever hear of skillful wrecking?

    BK is starting to brand his image - he can give it and take it, no whining, no apparent mental disorders and can drive. Miller Lite probably made a good move to try to "brand" him for life. I've gotta say he has always been nice to me in the garage and is pretty good at playing the politics at Penske - definitely makes Kurt feel like top dog by asking him a billion questions all the time.

    BTW - NASCAR Fan Council had a survey up immediately about the weekend's racing. Nothing about this incident but I put a mish mash of our opinions in the open ended section.

  13. ATH... couldn't watch the vids, but if you're asking about the wreck at Talladega... No, there is no similarity. Carl's was premeditated.

  14. I look back at Chicago with JJ and KB's late lap bump and runs. No way Kurt would have turned JJ head on into the wall if he would have caught him on the last lap. Can't be sure with Carl though.

    I hate to say it, but BK's talent reminds me of only one other driver.... without the sarcasm, sulking, and sh!tzy attitude.

  15. Yea KB and JJ are two of the most skillful bumpers for sure and I have no doubt KB's level of anger rivals Carls in the car so no excuses there...

    You speaking of KYLE! KYLE! KYLE! there Gene? LOL

    BTW - you have mail...

  16. (I redid it as a post.)

    Great idea for a post, Han. Yahoo sports has a similar story going on, too. Popular topic, isn't it? Great minds and all.....

  17. For the record, I voted "issues". One of which, could be a lack of skill at the bump and run.