Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Right Sides Only

NASCAR hits the Dirty South one more time this week when they storm into Atlanta Motor Speedway. No glitter rock and roll for this Labor Day weekend show. The official 'end of summer' race returns to the Southeast this year. Not quite Darlington, but laps ahead of Fontana.

The Cup series just enjoyed it's last weekend off for the rest of their year. Twelve straight races will determine this year's champion. Atlanta, and Richmond next week, will set the playoff field for the Chase.

I have to take one last look back at last week's debacle in Montreal. Stock cars are not meant to race in the rain! Especially last week when three quarters of the race were run under fair conditions for all drivers. Then, the rain tires went on and the race was turned upside down. Just like driving on the interstate in the rain, the moron up front who hits the brakes, unexpectedly, comes away with no damage. The cars behind him pay the price in lost points, damged equipment, and, in the near future, injuries. If Kyle Busch had stole this race instead of Carl Edwards, everyone would be calling for the end of rain tires in NASCAR.

Brad Keselowski signed to drive the #12 Cup car for Penske next year. Let's see, he's leaving the best NNS team to go drive the third car for a second rate Cup team. Bradley, only one driver has ever improved or had any success after leaving HMS. And he's in a lot better ride than you're getting in. Talented Penske developmental drivers, Parker Kliggerman and Justin Algaier, will be ready to take over at your first signs of struggle. When that happens, don't expect Rick to return your calls....out of sight, out of mind.

RCR and Kevin Harvick announced that they are staying together---at least untill the kids are out of school. Harvick has been disruptive for months now as he tried to force Richard Childress to let him leave early. Happy and Richard both put on a happy face when they announced this rededication to winning. Don't look for Kev to be smiling if RCR doesn't come out of the gate fast in February.

For the first time in the last 568 races, Bobby Labonte won't be starting a Cup event. RFR driver Erik Darnell will bring sponsorship to the #96 HOFR Ford for seven of the last twelve races. Labonte is one race behind Jeff Gordon is current consecutive starts. Hopefully some team will see the fire still burns---- and the past champ's provisional doesn't hurt either--- and put Labonte in a competitive car.

Danica Patrick visited the SHR shops, again last week. Her tour guide was none other than Tony Stewart himself. She also visited the office of Mike Hanner: PI. Seems she also wants to see more of Victoria Lane. Hanner threw her out. I guess he's still not drinking.

David Stremme and Paul Menard both make their 100th Cup start at Atlanta. Both are still gunning for that first win. Three more NASCAR crewmen have been suspended for drug violations. Among them was Gary St Amant, former driver, turned crew chief in the Truck Series. Say it ain't so Bluebird!

Darrell Waltrip is forcing a Canadien memorabilia shop to change it's name from Boogity Sportswear. The owner opened the shop, then named Boogity, Boogity, Racing, in 2001---- four years before DW trademarked his lame ass catch phrase. DW should be thanking the guy for being the only one in North America that thinks that's a cool name for a store.


  1. Go Bill, Reed and David, our GEORGIA BOYS!

    Bobby deserves better.

    Boooo for DW claiming his phrase!!!

    Yay, for Hanner still not drinking! Give him a coin. How many days has it been? 3? If he keeps doing what he's doing, he'll keep getting what he's getting.

  2. Nice ride Gene. So tell me more about Danica ???? She would not soften up ? Go Daddy ....

    Speaking of kids getting out of school, Harvicks car does have school bus yellow on it and has been driving like a school bus. The have some serious midnight oil to burn over at RCR.

    I think Brad was job hunting, things are so tough right now that you have to take what you can get but it will be good for him to get some more seat time even if in Penske's third horse.

    I would love to know how much it cost the for the NNS teams to fix or replace there cars after the Montreal Duck Run ?

    Labonte is in trouble sadly. Is there a competitive car out there for him ? I havent looked at it. You know that it is bad when a former champ and Brickyard winner is told to hit the bricks when awhile back Bobby kissed the bricks.

    This weekend is for us brother. Enjoy the race naps and have a great weekend

  3. Guess Brad thought the closet was to full at the HMS stable. I think you are right - the grass is not greener on the other side....or at least the beer isn't as cold.

    I don't feel sorry for Bobby. He has made some poor ddecisions and, at this point, is a good enough driver to overcome them. Time to step aside and race for fun - Trucks or Rolex series. It worked pretty well for Johnny Benson and Scott Pruett.

    Hanner kicked Danica out, huh? As much as she annoys me, I wouldn't kick her out of the bedroom for eating crackers. Unless, of course, "crakers" was the family pet of choice.

  4. Hey Gene, I got my hushpuppies on and come Sunday it will be allright. I'll be strumming my six string, on my front porch swing, wondering if Hanner has a pencil thin mustache.

    Sorry about that, I got started and couldn't stop.

    Have a good and safe weekend my friend.

  5. Nice job as always Han, will be back for more.

    I have been writing all my stuff and logging it onto a page. The link is below. Check it out of you get a chance.

    take care,

  6. Let's see if Hanner can stay off the booze after he cashes that check.

    Maybe Mike Bliss could sit out this race for Bobby?

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  8. Kudos to Hanner for throwing Danica out. Stewart needs to take a lesson from the P.I. and throw that female back to the IRL.

    Brad Keselowski certainly did take a step down to get into the Cup series. But oh, well, guess he wanted to make his mark next year, good or bad.

    I hate to see Bobby out of a car ride. But like moseby said, Bobby has made some bad decisions here lately. Maybe he will get back into a quality ride once again, but I am not banking on it. Maybe Gibbs will hire him back to run a fourth car for them. And give his teams a veteran leader, that they seem to be missing.

  9. I just read that Bobby will be taking over the 71 TRG car from David Gilliland for the next seven races. Hope they let him do more than S&P.

    I am up in the air on the Brad/Penske deal. His rational for going there seems reasonable. The 2 and 77 have been running well as of late. Plus, Penske has a ton of resources if he really wants to make a push in Nascar.

    Poor Justin Allgeir though. Me thinks he is afraid he might just have to play second fiddle to Bucky Brad in the NNS. I hope not, I think Allgier has a real future in Cup.

    I know we agree more often than not, but I still think Cup should use rain tires. I listed the reasons on another blog. So I guess we can agree to disagree on this. LOL

    Hanner should take the money, get some photos of Danica. Get more money and move to Vegas and become a poker pro.

    Menard has made 100 starts?? Man his daddy's wallet must be fat. I think Stremme should just get a good NNS ride, and hang out where the talent level suits him.

  10. Belle....That's the best GA can do? One of those three might finish in the top-20 this

    Rick....Danica wanted to micro-manage Hanner. She was told, "Don't let the door hit ya, where the dog bit ya."

    I think Booby would be at least as successful as Hamlin or Dale Jr if he were in either of those cars. We'll never know though.

    Have a great holiday weekend bro!

  11. Moseby....I feel bad for Labonte....but who is giving him career advice? Diamond Dave? He left JGR for Petty. Then left Petty for HOF. WTF? *idea* WTF Racing.

    Danica's act has her on my "Do not Hit, Under any Circumstances" list, permanently.

    Have a nice holiday, brudder.

    Aero....Thanks for the smile. Now, I have to go buy a waterbed...and a cheeseburger.

  12. Fireball....thanks. I always enjoy your take on racing. I'll check your stuff out asap. You can post it on our community blog here you know.

    CR....LOL. Wonder how long it will take Hanner to go through that mill?

  13. Tsfan...If Danica brings the money....Tony will have a new honey.

    I bet if Bobby L could bring a sponsor, JGR would take him back.

    Stork...I don't think the #71 is as much of an S&P as some of the others. Couldn't see Bobby going there just to do that.

    BK will crash back to earth, hard, next year in the #12. It's one thing to look good with a Cup level team in NNS...let's see how he does with a NW level team in Cup.

  14. Nice RSO as always.

    Sad to hear Labonte is missing a race. His career has just gone downhill ever since he left Gibbs.

    Are you saying that you would rather them call the Montreal race than do what they did??? I'm not a big fan of rain tires either, but they are better than the alternative...

    I'm going to the Cup race on Sunday night!!! Wrote more info about it on the Lug Nuts site...

  15. Patrick and Stewart seem to be a perfectly matched pair with similar personalities. Could this mean? Nope! She is married to Indy cars.Right?

    For some reaon I did like the Cup cars on rain tires in the rain. Sorta brought some interest to the race.

  16. Gonger....I would have rather have seen that race called with less than 20 laps to go, when the rain began. The correct car would have won. That race was the longest (really) race in NW history. I didn't need to see another hour and a half of junk.

    Have a good time at the track!

    Photo....A shame to see that Tony would put up with Danica just for the money.

  17. Hey Gene - sorry so late to the party this week.

    Not thrilled with BK coming to Penske personally, but smart of Penske to grab him even if only for a year. Anyone is better than Stremme.

    Sad to see Labonte getting pushed out of the sport...

    Amazing to me that Edwards can take down the fence at Dega and then break his foot playing frisbee! WTH?

  18. Kristen...I think BK will fall flat next year. Without the benefit of HMS eqip., he'll look just like Stremme in that car.

    Carl and his guy friends playing a game of frisbee. Thanks for invoking memories of that totally 'hetro' game of volleyball in 'Top Gun'. lol

  19. Gene, good RSO as usual. Where the hell was I? Busy at work as usual! I'm bringing the Coke to the party! I'm with Kristen on BK turning into Stremme. (Has there been anyone more reckless with less talent on road courses than Stremme? Of all the guys he wrecks, he wrecks Happy, who had a top ten, if not top five, car. Actually, BK does have more talent than Stremme, but he'll be pedestrian at Penske.)

  20. Jon...It's not that kind of party. LOL

    BK did have about 10 wrecks in Montreal. Very Stremme-like. Although, somehow, BK still finished top-10. Very un-Stremme-like.