Friday, September 25, 2009

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Week two of NASCAR's Chase for the Championship rolls into Dover and hits the highbanks of the Monster Mile Sunday. Mark Martin won the first race of the playoffs last week in Loudon and kept his grip on the top spot in the points.

That race in Loudon was somewhat exciting and entertaining. So, why were the TV ratings for it the lowest of any Chase race....ever! That's six years! Just as I predicted after the ratings bump at Richmond, the NFL steamrolls anything head-to-head on Sunday afternoons. ABC/Disney/ESPN/Pixar/Proctor and Gamble (?) air NCAA football on Saturday nights, so don't expect them to ask NASCAR to schedule more Chase races for those nights.

Martin Truex Jr is buying 100 tickets to the race at Dover this Sunday and giving them away to fans. The strange part is that he's giving them to ex-season ticket holders. What, Chad and Muffy went with the home sauna/dry cleaner addition instead of renewing their Dover suite seats? No worries, Truex comes through with a personal bailout.

In a surprise to no one, Danica Patrick signed a three year contract to remain with Andretti Green Racing and the IRL. Maybe she kept visiting SHR headquarters just to see Tony Stewart socially?

Brian Vickers becomes the youngest driver ever to make 200 starts in the Cup series when he gets the green this Sunday. Something called 'Vaseline MEN Lotion' will be Truex's primary sponsor on Sunday. Too bad I vowed not to make any jokes about Carl Edwards.

The #18 of Kyle Busch was found to be too low in post race inspection last week in Loudon. Busch was fined 25 points. A spokesman for JGR claimed that a spring broke during the race and caused the problem. Wouldn't NASCAR take that into consideration?

National Guard drivers, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr, visited Arlington National Cementary earlier this week and placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Both drivers and Rick Hendrick all said they were very moved by the ceremony. Our quote of the week comes from Gordon afterwards......

"The peace, the security that we feel in the safety of our country is because of the men and women here at Arlington."



  1. You know Hanny, there might just be some sparks between Danica and Tony under the hood of the race cars.

    I don't think NASCAR will give Kyle a break on the suspension thing.

    Yep It is Football season now. Wonder what that is going to do to NASCAR atendance?

  2. Nice clean post up Hanny

    Indeed our freedom comes with a very heavy priced. Loving this country starts it all and the very brave keep it for is. Let no one take our liberty as it has been earned with the lives of many.

    Been a minute but time to get at it.

    We can imagine that if Bush's car had a broken part causing a violation there would be no penalty. Regardless, the 18 crew has a lot of work to do.

    I am just not feelin Dover these years. This race used to seperate the men from the boys and was a prime example of what Nascar is supposed to be about and that is grueling endurance events would expect me to say nothin less.

    Photo mentioned attendance at Nascar races during Football season, should not have an effect other than what has already happened concerning the state of our economy. The stands looked packed at New Hampshire last Sunday.

    Enjoy the race ....the Football and the weekend.

  3. I agree one of the best races at Loudon and maybe of all the chase races and alot of NASCAR fans pass it up for NFL,, I feel like Larry Bird use to say it don't count till the playoffs, More chances to catch one or two NFL games a weekend then the race,,

    Unless ESPN is reairing the race later?? I don't know that,, I had to catch the reair over here on Monday morning.

    Now on Kyle's car which makes no sense, then again we are talking NASCAR,, How do they pass the cars that have smashed the wall and stay out on the track when you know the car is bent and we don't hear none of them not passing? lol. I thought it was all ways -100 points when car is bad?

    Have a great and safe weekend and all ways Cheers

  4. Nice RSO as always. So now you've copyrighted it???

    NASCAR's penalty to Kyle is just pointless. Missing the Chase is enough of a letdown that I don't think he'd have any reason to bother cheating...

  5. Funny how a spring can fail if it's hack sawed just a touch...

    Carl Edwards joke; He wrecked the Grand Am car that he and Ambrose were to share, on the parade lap in Monteal. Marcos didn't laugh at that, or what transpired the next day in the NNS race. I think it's hysterical.

    Danica likes Tony's hospitality?

  6. Photogr....Tony and Danni would be a match made in Hades, wouldn't it?

    Rick...Funny that JGR says it was a broken left front spring, yet also said in the same statement that they accept NASCAR's penalties without appealing. WTH? sounds like it was more than a broken spring.

  7. F-2....Great points, Jamie. You know that some of those wrecked cars have to be too high or too low.

    I think it was the 18's first offense, so it was only 25. But, I thought they said if you intentionally cheat with the COT it started at 100 points. Like you said, "we're talking NASCAR' lol

  8. Gonger....May not be pointless. He may be helping Denny. LOL

    CR....After intentionally cutting a front shock...wouldn't the terrible handling of the car outweigh any advantage of lowering the car 3/8"...on a short track?

    But rules are rules. If they'll nail Jr, they'll nail

  9. Junior isn't doing too well in the vote. Do I detect a lack of confidence that matches his lack of drive?

  10. CR...I knew you weren't serious. had to throw in my two cents worth for the Nation. They could at least vote for their

  11. *********I voted for him!!!*********

  12. nice stop Gene. I had a fit when they penalized Kyle for a broken part. Was going to blog about it, but haven't been able.

  13. BOS...Jr doesn't have any votes for him yet.

    Stork....If JGR thought it really was a broken part, wouldn't they appeal? Although I don't think a lower left corner could have helped much at a track like Loudon.

  14. Had to be something else going on with Kyle's shock, if it was just a bad part they wouldnt have fined him - probably some proprietary thing that JGR doesnt want advertised would be my guess.

    Still think its cool the drivers spend so much time honoring hte military whether at Arlington, Walter Reed or elsewhere.

    Men's vasoline cant be any worse than the male enhancement car right? Now your thinking with your dipstick! LOL

    Can I copyright my vote for Junior!?

  15. Nope NASCAR does not take anything like broken parts into consideration when it comes to post race inspections. Seems like this same thing happened to the 20 team a few years back. And they too were docked 25 points.

    Well at least NASCAR is being consistent with the JGR teams. lol

    I really hate the fact that ABC is showing the races now. Locally here, they barely got a victory lane interview with Mark before they dumped the post race show for all things Judge Judy on a Sunday!

  16. Kris....I don't get why a team would intentioally lower the front corner of a car....unless they have a way to raise it back up before post race inspections....hmmmm.....JGR....magnets? lol

    Copyright away! NASCAR better make sure he makes it next year.

    Tsfan....It seems like Roush use to get caught for lowered cars all the time.

    I HATE Judge Judy!

  17. Hey Hanahan,, if it was the left front end then that would raise the right rear which is what teams want. Carl Edwards got nailed for his right rear to be to low,, and they said that would make the car slower, so he didn't have a advantage over anyone.

    If a driver can handly the car with a broken left front shock that would be a way to get the right rear higher during the race. I can see maybe a Short track but not the big track.

  18. F2....It depends on the type of track. On the plate tracks, they want the rear to be lower. The other tracks, they want the left front corner to help set the car going into the turns.

    All through the race Sunday, drivers were complaining that it felt like their front tires had to much air in them...the tires were chattering. I think whatever was done to Kyle's car was to alleviate that.