Thursday, May 28, 2009

Right Sides Only

After becoming oversaturated, in more ways than one, last weekend in Charlotte, we find ourselves taking the long way to this week's races in Dover, DE.

We will cut through my old home front of S.E. Virginia, slide through, and across, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, negotiate the speed traps on the Eastern Shore, and land in Delaware at the racetrack and casino.

Strange that after all the rain at LMS, and a deserving first time winner, the one thing that will stick around the longest is David Reutimann's crew member, Bald Billy Bad But. Smile kid, Tony just made you famous. Get ready for all the free drinks, and challenges, in every bar from here to Sonoma.

A joyous Nation is overcome with emotion today, as Tony Eury Jr was replaced as Dale Earnhardt Jr's crew chief. Big shoes to fill as it will take at least two, and possibly more men to replace Eury. Brian Whitesell is in for a one week stint. Then Lance McGrew gets his shot as *interim* crew chief.

Both of these guys have had success in the three major NASCAR series, winning races and championships with the likes of Brian Vickers, Kyle Busch, Mark Martin, and Jeff Gordon. Look for an amazing turnaround by the #88 car this week at Dover.

In other Earnhardt news, Jeffrey Earnhardt, Kerry's son, makes his national series debut on Saturday driving #31 in the Heluva Good! 200 NNS race.

Dover finally added a 43rd pit stall to their pit road. It's only been about 10 years since NASCAR went to 43 cars starting a race. They improved the pit road entrance----Matt Kenseth says, Thanks--- and added about four feet to each pit stall.

This Sunday will mark 17 years, to the day, since Harry Gant won at Dover, at the age of 52!

Some reports have Jeremy Mayfield's team closing shop, and no showing at Dover, while others say that Mayfield's team will be there. Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

NASCAR held their much ballyhooed 'town meetings' with the drivers and owners this past Tuesday. Mark Martin had an interesting take on NASCAR's refusal to give the drivers a list of their banned substances, "Leaving it open ended gives them more room to catch offenders."

Doesn't every private citizen wish that our law enforcement agencies would adopt such a broad brush approach to deal with those under the influence? Real and imagined.

No, Mark. Leaving it open ended doesn't help them catch more offenders. Leaving it open ended gives them some wiggle room when a 'star' comes up dirty.

Robby Gordon was caught with illegal parts after his third place finish Monday at LMS. He was docked 50 points and his crew chief was fined $50,000. This was a points paying race.

Meanwhile, the week before, privateer, Carl Long, was caught with illegal equipment while practicing for a non-points paying event and was docked 200 points, and his crew chief was fined $200,000. What's that old French quote about justice being equal, whether you live in a palace, or in the street?

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