Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hello, SRM

Hello, sports fans. I'll be your designated driver here at SRM. My posts will primarily be on NASCAR, and other forms of motorsports. Maybe even some stick and ball stuff every now and then.

I've been around NASCAR all my life, and have been writing about it for the last few years on various web sites. Where, you say?, Foxsports, The Bleacher Report, and Racing One.

I know racing, how it's a business. I don't let emotions about my favorite drivers get in the way of the truth. I may make fun about your favorite driver. Please don't take it personally. Hell, I'll make fun of all of them, even my faves.

I'll have a couple of weekly columns here. "Right Sides Only" is a wickedly skewed view of the upcoming weekend of racing. "View from the Flagstand" is my weekend wrapup, in which I hand out my awards.

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  1. Looking forward to the left turn your avatar too btw.