Monday, August 22, 2011

View From The Flagstand: Kyle Busch Muscles Michigan

Kyle Busch finished strong on Sunday, and won at Michigan for his first time ever. In route to taking over the points lead, Busch seems to have discovered the key to winning a championship is to go with the flow. He took what was offered and showed a new found patience while working traffic. Of course, that could change as soon as next week at Bristol.


Busch now leads all Cup drivers with four wins this season. He also leads the points standings with just three races left before the Chase begins. Busch heads to BMS, where he has won four of the last five, extremely confident.


Brad Keselowski finished third to go along with a first and second in the three races since suffering serious injuries in a testing accident. Mark Martin (4), Ryan Newman (5), Kasey Kahne (7), and Clint Bowyer (8) all had well deserved top finishes.


Chase contenders, Kurt Busch (34), Denny Hamlin (35), and Carl Edwards (36) all had bad days. Better now than later this year.


Two races a year at Michigan. Even at 400 miles, they are unwatchable. How about two, 100 lappers, on the same day? Double points day.


I did not want to mention Steven Wallace again this year, but after that display of talent in Montreal on Saturday, I had to include this....

Tweet of the Year by, @SBPopOffValve

That deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball.

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  1. Tez here...nice run down, Gene. As to Michigan, 2 words; Hanford device!

    of course, that would require them to switch back to the wing which made the cars look like racing cars instead of the 'stock, but not really since we don't have lights or wipers' look they're going for, and that'll never happen :P

    have to say that after reading the article where JV called out Kimi (said his 2007 F1 title was a fluke basically), that made his bonehead move at Montreal the 'facepalm of the year' by some way, LOL

  2. Tez... They used a wickerbill across the roof in the NW series some years ago. It produced their best races on the two superspeedways.

    Carpentier made his own boneheaded move on Saturday when he cut the grass and bodyslammed Marcos. Stevie must have guesses that it was okay to follow suit.

  3. Maybe... When they repave this super-freeway sized track they should knock it down to 3 lanes and put a big yellow line on the low side. Crossing the line = a full stop penalty in your pit... This 6 lane freeway just doesn't get it. OR... (I know, I'm working on 2 hours sleep in the last 24 here...) Start half the field driving the traditional counter-clockwise and the other half driving clockwise! Turn 'em loose!

    It's excruciating seeing what Stevie has wrought and then listening to the ESPN crew either cover for him or conversely you end up listening to the absolute silence emanating from these announcers... And although the camera isn't on them in the booth you just know all eyes are on the embarrassed daddy... That boy needs to be taken to the woodshed! LOL!

  4. Back to reality...

    It was GREAT watching Kyle run down JJ... That Interstate Battery number 18 Toyota was super(!) on the long runs and then Kurt's mishap late sure had me wondering about the restart, but Kyle put it to JJ.

    Everyone knows Kyle is volatile. I wonder what he's gonna be faced with once the Chase begins. I expect a few of his fiercest competitors may resort to underhanded tactics to get Kyle upside down... Hope that's not the case, but I can feel it coming...

    Thanks Gene!

  5. Tez again....I'm guessing you meant Villeneuve, Gene. I don't recall Pat roughing up Marcos :/

    do you reckon Denny will make the Chase? I'm starting to have my doubts as, apart from Richmond, I don't think he can win at Bristol or Atlanta to 'lock in' a wildcard.

  6. Dwindy... if they narrowed the track, wouldn't that make for even more follow-the-leader type parades?

    Interesting theory on other drivers preying on Kyle. JJ's recent interview, in which he discussed Kyle's championship chances, seemed like he was just trying to get in Kyle's head. NASCAR drivers are the absolute worse at this type of psychological warfare. Subtlety is not one of their strong suits.

  7. Tez... Villeneuve, Carpentier... those French guys all sound the same to me. LOL