Sunday, July 10, 2011

View From The Flagstand: Kyle Busch Tops Kentucky

Kentucky Speedway held its first Sprint Cup race Saturday night. One more mile and a half race track on the circuit means one more boring race. Kyle Busch led almost half the total laps, as he proved that "clean air", out front, makes anyone look like Superman.


Kyle Busch dominated Kentucky Speedway, winning the Cup and Truck Series races, while finishing third in the Nationwide Series event. He made it look easy on Saturday night pulling away to ten second leads over second place at various times during the 400 mile race. It was Busch's third win this year, and he took over the points lead with the win.


David Reutimann nipped Jimmie Johnson for second place at the finish line for a much welcomed strong result. Brad Keselowski (7) and Kurt Busch (9) led the second and third most laps with their Penske Dodges. RFR's Carl Edwards (5), Matt Kenseth (6), and David Ragan (8) repped Ford well.


There were six caution flags. Including a premeditated competition (or lack thereof) yellow early in the going, and three flags for "debris" on the track. It's hard to believe that, on this bumpy asphalt, there was only one wreck. That would be Clint Bowyer during a late race restart.


Dale Earnhardt Jr was never a factor, again, and a late race flat tire pushed him even farther down the scoring pylon. His 30th place run dropped him to 8th in the points, just 9 ahead of 11th place Tony Stewart. There are only eight races until the Chase, and that stretch does not include a lot of Jr friendly tracks. Not that there are a lot of those to begin with.


Kentucky Speedway became the biggest joke in NASCAR after over 20,000 fans never made it inside the track due to lack of traffic flow planning and lack of parking for those that actually made it to the track. Five and six hour waits in gridlock were the norm, with thousands giving up still miles from the track. Maybe Bruton and his minions should check out the Derby over in Louisville next May and see firsthand how to move three times as much traffic as his speedway will ever see.


  1. Hey now Gene - Junyer has had a bad spell but he is still doing better than Smoke! LOL I think me being so close to his hauler and pit stall at Sonoma really threw him for a loop, he'd forgotten how "distracting" I am... =)

    Agreed - BORING! and man oh man is Bruton going to catch flak for that traffic...that was an embarrassment and even more so when he tried to play politics and blame the freeway.

    I cannot believe we gave up Atlanta for that...

  2. Going to have to get out the old Fan-O-Mite Meter and determine which tracks make for the best racing / fan appeal in NASCAR and build a 36 race schedule around those... Drop the 1.5 mile Bruton cutter tracks to one race each (if not just drop them out of sight), rejuvenate / reinvigorate / reintroduce a couple of the grand old tracks (Rockingham for one), get the total for road courses up to 6 and watch as the fans start coming back to the most competitive (should be) auto racing in the world...

    A good race for Toyota, Dodge and Ford... Not so much for Chevy. Considering how many NASCAR fans pull for drivers in Chevrolets, maybe that alone will get this particular racing venue taken off the schedule. Bruton sure was sounding like a used car salesman, selling this Kentucky track...

    Junior who?

    Thanks Gene!

  3. KLV.... Boring as Fontana? Very similar.

    Quit distracting Jr!

    Bruton will put all the blame on the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He wants the taxpayers to foot the bill for his access roads.

  4. Dwindy... NASCAR moving the NW race in Indy from the short track to the IMS is all the proof we need that they don't care what the fans want. The fans vote with their pocketbooks and TV remotes.... and NASCAR still doesn't get it.