Monday, June 6, 2011

View From The Flagstand: Keselowski Flattens Kansas

We should have known better. Last year's Chase race at Kansas was actually watchable, so hopes were up for this season's first trip to the track. The action wasn't horrible, but wasn't memorable, either.

So, for the second Cup race in a row, we determined the winner by who was the best environmentalist. And, for the second Cup race in a row, Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a chance to win it at the end by conserving gasoline. It may be the Ethanol, Jr. That 15% of the fuel mix gets worse gas mileage.


Brad Keselowski coasted to the finish line first. Fox TV showed us some great shots of BK engaging the clutch and coasting through the turns to save gas. He had a big enough lead to do that, as most of the other contenders had to make late stops for fuel.


Dale Jr finished second, and moved to third in the points. Never mind that he has led 42 laps, total, in 13 races; he is a contender for now. Denny Hamlin edged closer to the points cut off with his third place run. Keselowski's teammate, Kurt Busch, won the pole and led 152 laps before settling for ninth. RFR had three cars in the top-10, and the other one, David Ragan, was 13th. HMS had three cars in the top-7.


Once again, early in a race, NASCAR threw caution flags for debris at the drop of a hat... well, not really, but they probably would have for anything but an Amp hat. Then, late in the race, they could not find a single water bottle anywhere worthy of a yellow.


Fox Sports takes a long awaited break, and TNT starts their two month run. Was it just me, or was the race presentation by Fox at Kansas perhaps their best since Daytona?


Richard Childress gets a black flag for a premeditated attack on a driver. Then NASCAR responds with their toothless "probation". Would Mark Cuban be allowed by the NBA to sit courtside the next game, or two, if he attacked an opposing player off the court?


  1. hey Gene, explain to me why some people are saying Kyle broke his probation. I mean, I know it wasn't the case this time, but we've seen plenty of drivers congratulate others when they win by sidewiping the if you ping Kyle, you're going to have to ping everyone else who does that by default as the act is the same even if the intention is not, right?

  2. Tez.... Larry Mac, Monday on TV, still was referring to the "doorslamming" that Busch did to Coulter's truck... as they showed the replay again. I'd like to see a pic of the right side of Coulter's truck, because that contact was minimal if at all. The left side of Kyle's truck, visible after Coulter pulled away, had no mark on it.

    No telling why Kyle pulled up beside the kid. The only replay they show from the last few laps is when Coulter passed him... cleanly. I truly hope Kyle wasn't upset over that... for 5th place.

    Now that RC has shown his azz, Coulter can't go public with what actually happened, and make the boss look even worse.

  3. Hi Gene!

    Boring Sprint Cup racing leads to everybody talking about a dust up...

    Maybe NASCAR needs to devolve to "Big Time Rassling" so these ridiculous racing fans can get their fill that way... They could schedule post-race rassling matches right on the start-finish line. Any racing encounters would qualify for the BIG event. TV would eat it up...

    It could even lead to a whole new level of sponsors in NASCAR... Heeeerrrrre's Jeeeeeeffffffff Gordon in his Everlast number 24 trunks ready to take on Jeeeeeeffffff Burton in his Victoria's Secret sheer panties! LOL!

    Are they missing out on another money maker???

    Thanks Gene!

  4. Dwindy... They have held championship boxing, and wrestling, matches at CMS during pre-race festivities in the past. Hmmm, three sports with pre-determined winners at one venue. LOL

    Are you channeling your inner Michael Buffer?

  5. close yet so far from the checkers. Second is beginning to suck!

    I found it very interesting Coulter said immediately after the race that he was tight and got pulled into Kyle while they were battling for position and how much he learned following Kyle. Coulter didn't seem to have any problem with Kyle. RC was opportunistic and got away with it.

    Roger Penske was asked if he would ever punch someone and he was horrified by the thought...

  6. Kristen.... The talking heads on TV want to make it seem that Jr is on the verge of a win... the fact is that he has not had the, or even a, dominate car in any race this year. Kurt led 152 laps Sunday, compared to 0 for Jr, and all they talk about is how close Jr came to winning the race. Sure, a win is a win. But don't expect the floodgates to open due to one fuel mileage win.

    He has came close two weeks in a row on fuel mileage, but we might not see another fuel mileage race all year. Then he will be back to normal. Possible top-10 every week... dependent on wave arounds and debris cautions when he's just gone a lap down early.

    It does seem as if the light bulb finally went off at NASCAR. For these last two races, they have held off on the late debris cautions when Jr had a shot at winning. Maybe LeTarte can make some magic happen with rain strategy this week in Pocono?

  7. I dunno Gene, Jr deserves a bit more credit than that....he is doing at least as well as Smoke is and better than many many others (Gordon, Burton, Biffle). He's getting confident again - you can hear it in his voice, starting to crack jokes on radio...he could get legit win (ie non fuel mileage) this year easy. Course I am biased!

  8. Opps here it is. Richard was gettin it off his chest after Darlington ..everybody knows this. It comical to see a 65 year old man whup up on the Tumble Weed.

    Concerning JR. What he has done this year shows what a good crew chief can do and many wanted Letarte's head last year.

    Got to give Brad some cred ....he drove beautifully.

    Been awhile guys but I have not forgotten.

    Nice roll Gene, enjoy the stretch at Pocono Sunday

  9. Hey Rich, good to see you on the screen again, bro.

    Letarte must be a genius.

    BK is the next big thing... sorry, Logano.

    When are you going back in the day again?