Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lose, Lose for Kyle

Couple of quick hits after seeing the tsunami of support for Richard Childress.

First, I'd like to see the right side of Coulter's truck, because if Busch even touched him, it wasn't hard enough to leave a mark.

Second, Childress knew that Busch is on probation, and would get suspended for fighting.

Third, What could Busch have gained by this? Definitely a lose-lose for him. Hit and old man AND get suspended?

Lastly, would everyone, that are cheering Childress now, feel so good about it if he had been hurt? Another lose-lose for Busch, he's hated even more if he knocks Childress out. Imagine some 26 year old punk knocking out grandpa in the mall parking lot over a fender bender. Not quite as funny then, huh?


  1. This wasn't about Kyle and Coulter (who I understand are on friendly terms and when questioned, Coulter didn't come down on Kyle at all about what happened).

    Childress made a pre-meditated attack on Kyle. He sought Kyle out and then took off his watch before going after Busch, both clear signs of intent. It was all because of what happened a couple of weeks ago between Kevin Harvick and Kyle. Busch dumped the 29 and cost Childress some money, so Saturday's supposed bump between friends Coulter and Kyle simply tipped Childress over.

    Richard may be slapped with a significant penalty for this. Evidently this was an unprecedented event. NASCAR can't allow owners to physically go after drivers.

    Thank goodness Kyle kept his head and didn't fight back. Remember the Boston Red Sox' Pedro Martinez and the NY Yankees' bench coach Don Zimmer? Similar circumstances with the 80 something Zimmer going after a 30 something Pedro. Martinez ended up being vilified for fighting back against the infuriated old man.

    You're right. This was a no win situation up front for Kyle Busch, but in the long run he scored a lot of points with reasonable NASCAR fans...

  2. Dwindy... after Darlington, Childress allegedly sent a message to Kyle, "if you touch another of my cars, I'll come see you." Or, something to that effect.

    I'll bet Kyle's car, which burnt to the ground after Harvick dumped him at Homestead 2010, cost a lot more to replace than the minimal damage to Harvick's car and Coulter's truck. Childress either has a very short memory, or a very selective one.