Sunday, February 16, 2014

Daytona 500 Props

One of the interesting things about the Super Bowl earlier this month were the number of proposition bets you could wager, on almost anything. If you had bet that the first score of that game would be a safety, you would have cashed in a 40-1 jackpot.

With an eye toward the prop bets on the NFL's big game, I decided to set my own prop bets for NASCAR's big race... the Daytona 500.

1... Which type car will lead the 1st lap: Chevy 2-1, Toyota 3-1, Ford 4-1

2... First caution occurring in first 10 laps. Odds, 5-1

3... Over/Under 80 laps, on the "big one" happening: Odds, 1-1

4... Make of car to finish last: Ford 2-1, Chevy 2-1, Toyota 4-1

5... Winning car manufacturer: Chevy 1-1, Toyota 2-1, Ford 3-1

6... Dale Jr finishes in top five: Odds, 4-1

7... Winning team: HMS 7-1, JGR 10-1, RCR 12-1, PR 15-1, SHR 15-1, RFR 20-1, CGR 25-1, Others 35-1

8... Over/Under 2.5 on number of debris cautions: Odds, 1-1

9... Caution in the last ten laps: Odds, 1-1

10.. Red flag will appear: Odds, 1-2

11.. There will be a green, white, checkered: Odds, 1-2

12.. DW will be "overwhelmed" by all the well wishes from the fans over the last two weeks. Odds, 1-10

There you have them, the prop bets for the 2014 Daytona 500. Jump right in and make your bets, or name some you would like to see.


  1. You need a couple of really outrageous bets... Odds that all four HMS cars blow up during the race... 10,000 - 1... (I'll lay a buck on that Gene...) or Odds that the race winner, during his TV interview with FOX won't mention one of his/her (?) sponsors... 1,000,000 -1! LOL!

  2. Yeah, that would be some great bets, Dwindy. I think I would bet $10 on the 4 HMS cars blowing up! lol