Thursday, April 8, 2010

Right Sides Only

The Sprint Cup series resumes after a week off as the stars and cars storm into the Arizona desert. Saturday night the best in the world will assault the asphalt in Avondale. There's more bang for your buck this year as the race is now 63 laps longer than in years past.


By adding the extra 63 laps, the race is now called the Subway Fresh Fit 600. That's 600 kilometers, not miles. There should be only one 600 race, and that is in Charlotte on Memorial Day weekend. The grandstand seats at PIR have also increased in width. Making the seats larger has reduced the capacity from 76,800 to 56,000.


Elliott Sadler makes his 400th start this Saturday in his #19 RPM Ford. Carl Edwards will be in his 200th Cup race, also this Saturday. Edwards also has announced that he will be making his annual bicycle trip across Missouri this summer. So, Carl would still rather ride bikes through the woods with his sweaty, shirtless buddies instead of spending time with his new wife and baby?


This Sunday's ABC Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition features Jeff Gordon. The episode was taped in January in Loris, SC. Gordon is joined on the show by some WWE wrestlers. If you like happy endings and plenty of tears, this is your show. Move that bus!


"I can only go as fast as my car will let me go. Jimmie Johnson's not going to beat me because he's in my head. He's going to beat me because he's got a better car than I do," said the Rowdy one, Kyle Busch.

Jimmie Johnson chimed in, "I can't say a lot of the blame goes into the cars. We haven't been the best car in the three races we've won (in 2010), but we left with the trophy."


The IRS and the N.C. Department of Revenue have placed liens on property owned by Jeremy Mayfield for unpaid income taxes dating back to 2006. The taxmen are looking for $56,000 from the Mayfields. His court battle with NASCAR is still scheduled for this September.


  1. Gene, I agree with you that there should only be one 600 race, in Charlotte in May. Is Cousin Carl prepping for a second career after NASCAR? As for Mayfield, sucks for him.

  2. I'm sorry about Jeremy, but I'm glad you brought it up. I was about to take Benadryl the other day when I remembered it didn't mix well with Adderall (my new med) for Jeremy. What were those side affects? Should I be driving?lol

  3. Instead of it being 600 kilos, NASCAR should just add an additional 25 laps, and then they can call it the Subway Fresh Fit 400. Problem solved...

  4. Jon...I'll go as far as thinking that there should not even be kilos in NASCAR!

    ATH....I think you're taking exactly what Jeremy said he was taking when he tested positive for meth.

    Gonger...Brilliant idea! NASCAR doesn't use those...LOL

  5. How many centimeters wider are the seats at PIR?

  6. Is the rumor true, that track officials will be paid in Euros at PIR?

  7. Hey Jeremy!!!! Got any extra Schedule D's on you?

    How about the "Subway 600 (lb) Jared"?

    Or maybe call it the "Jimmie Johnson is gonna win the Cup again Pheonix edition"

    Can we at least have Joey Chitwood performing stunts in the middle of the race?

  8. CR....they cut attendance by about 25%. Should have an extra 2-3" now....LOL

    I'm sure some of them would love Euros. NASCAR becomes more socialistic every year. The lucky dog, the wave around, the double file restarts. They are all about rewarding underachievers. lol

  9. Moseby....What are we drinking tonight. Warm weather is finally here, so, I'm feeling Margaritas!

    Did the Chitwoods finally run out of '73